Watching him say goodbye

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My heart aches just to tell this story, I tell it with a saddened heart.
When we met I never could have imagined all of this.
Together we grew close If you hadn’t found me I’d be lost.
My heart aches for my friend, a few days ago we lost his wife.
She became ill almost overnight, it just goes to show how much it is a fragile life.
Never knowing what made her ill, there was no absolution, it left us in a dark world of confusion.
Because of this deadly virus hospital, visits were gone.
Three weeks went by and he started to get nervous, for fear of losing her in the midst of this world chaos, he begged to see her once again.
Only through glass could he see her smile, he watched her cherry lips start to fade,
knowing it was time for letting her go, and so he did.
Such bittersweet chapters they shared, he cried all the way home realizing there was no more dinner for two.
She passed on, he looked up at the golden clouds listening for angels.
Him and his son said goodbye, as crumbled hearts fell to the floor.
True love does exist, he promised to love her till death do they part.
He kept his promise,
he loved her till the end
with all his heart.




Purple was her favorite color so chose this rose for her.

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Marcy Martinez

About the Author: Marcy Martinez

Marcy Martinez is an Instagram poet who started in Oct 2019. She wants to fulfill a dream of becoming a published author in many book genres. Her life is in her poetry.

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