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Staring into the Nothing,
Confused about it all,

Walking like a Zombie

Climbing up the walls



Just a downfall

No one to listen

Nothing to say

No, where to go

Always alone
Crazed inside the dome
Waiting for a place that feels just like home

Stuck in a world of lies
Sick of the view
Mask of fakes
These Humans of nothing
Just a waste

I can taste the cold air that forms from my heart
Your voice makes me annoyed
Your face makes me sick
Nothing you say matters to me
I hate you from the pits of my soul

The right to hate you is still


This is what my daughter and I felt like after a huge catastrophe happened in our lives. We never felt the same, we never will. Our lives were torn to pieces.

I wrote this in 2008, four more years to wait for the ones who were taken away from our lives.  

Thanks for reading.

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Marcy Martinez

About the Author: Marcy Martinez

Marcy Martinez is an Instagram poet who started in Oct 2019. She wants to fulfill a dream of becoming a published author in many book genres. Her life is in her poetry.


  1. I can imagine how strange it was. I feel with you. And I think yet, that you could express this no man’s land state of the soul by strong and painful pictures. I wish both of you a better term. And lots of great writings.

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