I Don’t Understand

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I don’t understand why I don’t understand why she was sent into my life I don’t know if it’s to help me or for me to realize I can never have anyone as good as her she is basically the only thing I want in life she is my dream she cares about my day if it was good or bad and if it is bad she tries her best to try to make it better she is so beautiful it’s like looking at the stars and seeing a meteor shower but not just a normal one one with all different types of bright vibrant colors flying through the air to look at her is to look at the northern lights from just above the atmosphere the perfect sight nothing can ever beat it and it will forever be in your head never being able to forget it her hair is so beautiful the way that it has a different lighter color is so beautiful to me I’ve caught myself staring at it for so long that I forgot what I was doing I’ve never seen hair as beautiful and perfect as hers her laugh is so amazing there is no sound in this world that can ever beat her laugh no matter what it is she is the most caring person to no matter what she will care about you and try to help I didn’t know people were still like that I though that those type of people didn’t exist anymore or at least I did until I knew her she is the best person to talk about your problems to you can always trust her to keep them and you can always expect her to listen and help you with them she knows when to joke around or when to be serious I like that part of her so much she can be joking with you all day but the second that you need her she is there and she will say all these nice things about you to make you feel better I don’t think that I had ever gotten so many compliments before one of them even made me cry because it told me how much I meant to her and how much she loved talking to me she was the first person to ever say something so nice to me I don’t think there is enough time in this world for me to describe how perfect she is she can make me smile just by looking at me but I know that I could never have her and every time I think about it it hurts a little more but I will be okay as long as she is happy and is being treated right but why why was she shown to me why did God show me this perfect girl I could say that she is one in a million but to say that would mean that there would be another like her she is just one no one can ever be like her she is the definition of perfection there will never be another one like her though I still don’t know if the reason god sent her to me so he mock me with this perfect girl or to give me something to look forward to she’s told me that I was special to her but I’m too scared to get my hopes up ` because the moment that I do will be the moment I will lose an angel

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