To be in love by Gwendolyn Brooks Poem

To Be In Love | A Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks

‘To Be in Love’ is an attempt by Gwendolyn Brooks to explain to the world, how the journey of their love story is going to be like. She beautifully explains how emotional roller-coaster this pilgrimage would possibly be for you if you truly fall in love with someone.

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You & Me

You are the dawn, I am the sunset You are the reason for my amazement Your memories sail deep in my heart Your presence is felt ‘though we’re miles apart In the ocean of my…

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A Palace of Love

Let’s build together “A Palace of Love” With garden of affection and sunshine above Ain’t any commotion when looked around Fondness spreading like a velvety glove

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If only I had known you were going to come in my life,               I would have welcomed my demons of the past               …

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Why do I love you sir emily dickinson

“Why Do I Love” You, Sir? | Poem by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson, through this poem, tries to find an answer to the question, “Why do I love?”. And this “You” and “sir” could be a reference to God as well.
Throughout the poem, she keeps asserting that there is no reason for her love for him. It comes naturally to her and is a very part of her existence.

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He wishes for the cloths of heaven W B Yeats

Aedh Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven | Poem by William Butler Yeats

If the poet had the beautifully decorated cloths of heaven made with golden, silver and dark light he would spread them under his beloved’s path. But he is poor and can’t give her beautiful clothes. He can give her only his dreams. Therefore he has spread his dreams on her way. And he requests her to walk softly because his dreams may be broken easily. The poet wishes he had the cloths of heaven.

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My Love Affair with Writing

The impulse to hold a pen The feel of fibers As I skim my fingers On pages where Moist ink are deeply engraved To see the words slowly awaken To form phrases that spread Through…

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Annabel Lee Edgar Allan Poe Poem

Annabel Lee | Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

In this poem, the speaker talks about his love that was long lost. Lost, because it was so strong that everyone at the ‘kingdom by the sea’ envied it. The speaker believes that this, even though they were just little kids, love between him and his Annabel Lee was stronger and deeper than the ones between the people older and wiser than them. That despite the physical distance no one can part their souls from each other. Their love was real love and no teenage crush.

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Best For Goodbyes I

Love shouldn’t turn to hate!

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My love poem


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proposal poem


The proposal is a love poem, a narrative of a perfect proposal. When the man is on his knees ready to take his woman like a queen for the rest of their lives.

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Hell and Paradise | A Poem by Umang Minni at UpDivine

Hell and paradise

This poem is about the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. There was a depth to her that cannot be described in words. But I am not sure if she was for real or I was just intoxicated by the thing in my hands.

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Black Hearts | A poem by Mystqx Skye at UpDivine

Black Hearts

Black heart is a romantic poem, that describes the intimacy between the speaker and his lover. It describes the pain and pleasure of their bonds.

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Szerelmem-gyilkosom | Hungarian Poem by JW Cassandra at UpDivine

Szerelmem – gyilkosom

The poem belongs to my volume I, “Eternity, Arisen to Consciousness”, cycle “Stations of Soul”. This is its 3rd poem. This poem I wrote by an inspiration. The poem itself contains at all 34 strophes.

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