COVID Summertime – A Dodoitsu Poem

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COVID Summertime - A Dodoitsu Poem by Ritika Nahata
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COVID Summertime – The Poem

Shining glowing summertime

holidays, vacations, beach,

a glacé ice-cream strangled

by the medicines.

What are Dodoitsu Poems?

Dodoitsu is a Japanese poetic form consisting of four lines. This poetic form is not much concerned with the meter and rhyming scheme but has a definite syllable count for each line.

What are the rules for writing a Dodoitsu Poem?

Following are the rules:

  • It is a four-line poem.
  • There are no rules for rhyme and meter.
  • There is a definite syllable count:
    • there are 7 syllables in the first 3 lines,
    • and 5 syllables in the last line

About This Poem

This is a poem about this COVID 19 pandemic that has spoiled the summertime for everyone on this planet. There are no holidays, no vacations, no beach, no friends; we are all locked down. We cannot even have food we love (like ice-creams). They are also replaced by medicines, both immunity-boosting for those not suffering and cure-medicines for those suffering from coronavirus.

To learn about more poetic forms and devices click here.

COVID Summertime - A Dodoitsu Poem by Ritika Nahata
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