It’s Been a Long, Long Time

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It's been a long, long time - A Double Sonnet by Ritika Nahata
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Wow! What it’s such a lovely Golden wee
How about cookies and I brew some tea
Now let me put on my joggers and tee
Running Shoes on and to garden I flee
Ran for hours, now I feel pain in my knee
Lemme go home, there’s a lot I gotta see
Take mom for prayers, she’s big devotee
I’ll make sandwich for lunch and soup of pea
Gotta clean the home, it looks like debris
Assignments to do and trends to foresee
Need self-time too, game or movie maybe
Myself, home, job – all done- still only three
Is world too busy, or am I so free?
Isn’t just day! It’s been a long, long journey

College, internship, and masters – all done
Jobs and ventures – not one occupation
Met a few – Aries to Pisces – found none
Sailed through fevers – coughs – even lethal ones
Bore losses – of loved ones – half a dozen
Witnessed changing cities – people – seasons
Even my OS is version ten point one
Saw pandemics, wars, even recessions
Woods Ablaze- glaciers melt – warmer oceans
Parsecs universe stretched – over billion
Still – decade’n half – till I’m fifty one
Face still looks much young – but the soul’s old one
Feels – sans hyperspace – I ran Kessel run
It’s been a long, long time – and it isn’t fun

It's been a long, long time - A Double Sonnet by Ritika Nahata
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"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul"


  1. I read through your poem more times and every time I felt and interpreted it form myself different: once i felt it to tell me about rush, of our rushing world. Then I felt it departs from the individual and arrives to the general. Then I felt it to come through time: from our present it gets to the general, through the deep and remote past… I think your poem is interesting very much. 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading..
      And I think all of your interpretations are somewhere correct. For the first one, it’s like, when you talk to people they are like ‘just yesterday, you were a little girl, and look at yourself today, you’re so grown up’. For them, time is passing so fast. Whereas for the speaker it’s just not passing, it’s just too long.
      And yes it does move from an individual from a day-to-day perspective to a larger one. The first sonnet discusses how long does a day looks to her (after doing so many things, it’s only 3 at the clock). And the second one talks about how the speaker has witnessed so many things, both personal to worldwide (starting from education to jobs, from illnesses to changing versions of her computer operating systems, from global warming to expanding universe). And still, it’s only three and a half decades of her life, and probably a long way to go.
      The poem tries to find slight humor in its own tragedy (called life). And the main theme is ‘time’, which is difficult to pass by.

      1. Yes, the good writings always hide in themselves more layers. 🙂 And we, readers can choose for interpreting some of them for ourselves. And the most exciting theme is time that you mentioned. Briefly: I like your poem. 🙂

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