How Much Does it take for Faith to Shake | Flamenco Poem by Ritika Nahata

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Faith - Flamenca Poem
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How Much Does it take for Faith to Shake? – The Poem

what is faith after all?
in between what you know
and what you don’t yet
there lies a little gap
where the tree of faith grow

So how much does it take
for one to lose his faith?
ignorance, conflict,
grief, confusion, ordeal,
circumstance, unfair scaith?

I’ve been quite a loser
I keep on losing things
keys, wallet, phone, pen
Yet I never lose faith
even if the wraith sings.

What is a Flamenca Poem?

The Flamenca is a Spanish quintain with a rhythm pattern intended to replicate the click of heels by the FLAMENCO DANCERS.

The Flamenca is both a stanzaic and syllabic poetry form. A Flamenca is written in quintains (5-line verses). The whole poem may consist of a variable number of quintains — allowing certain freedom of subject detail and poem length to the writer.

What are the rules for writing a Flamenca Poem?

  • It’s a 5-Line poem
  • Lines 1,2, 4, and 5 have 6-syllables
  • Line 3 has 5 syllables
  • Line 2 & 5 have common rhyming.
  • Employ assonance in line 2 and 5.

To read about more poetic forms and devices, click here.

Faith - Flamenca Poem
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