Landscape – A Concrete Poem

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Landscape | A Concrete Poem by Ritika Nahata at
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Landscape – The Poem

Landscape A Concrete Poem by Ritika Nahata
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What is a ‘concrete poem’?

Concrete is a poem that is as much a piece of visual art made with words as it is a work of poetry.

This can be in many forms, such as outline to a sketch or the words forming the sketch itself.

About the Poem – Landscape

  • The outlines of each element of the image is inscribed with the words that form the poem.
  • Each element, i.e. sun, tree, land, mountains, river, and waves can be read as a paragraph/stanza of a poem.

The Poem Text


My name is Sun,
The day rise when I wake,
and sets when I sleep.


My name is Mountain,
Behind me, a fountain
I am older brother of Hill
I will protect, even when ill.

I am hill,
little as quill,
entertainment is my skill.


I grow from roots,
give fruits.
You sow a grain,
I’ll protect from rain.

I am not alone, I bring the leaves.
I have a glorifying trunk, that shrunk.
Soon I will have some fruits,
for which you’ll need a chute.
You can have them all.
People find it hard to see the bark,
It is overshadowed by amusement park.


I am Land.
I am mother of mountains, rivers,
hills, trees and sand.

On me the glory of
mightiest kings stand!


I am river.
Sometimes blue, green, or silver.

From shore to shore I deliver,
I need no lever.

Sometimes I quiver,
but seldom I shiver.


Hey Little Waves!
What a bright sunny day,
is today. Let’s play…

Hi Big One!
You are late…

Sometimes back…
We played and played.

Till we got
tired and shrunk.

Now we
feel asleep….

To learn about more poetic forms and devices click here.

Landscape | A Concrete Poem by Ritika Nahata at
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  1. I’ve just read your poem and think it interesting. I was long reading and twisting my neck. 😊 Your concrete poem is cute very much. 👌❤😊Reading it, a poem came to my mind, written by Guillaume Apollinaire, The Stabbed Dove and the Fountain.

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