Mother and Kid – A Couplet Poem

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Mother and Kid | A Couplet poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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Mother and Kid – The Poem

See the skylarking of the kid,
I think he’s angry at the hall’s mid.

He finds it hard to see the toys,
Overshadowed by the screeching radio noise.

Who is that running near the candy?
I think she’d like to have the shandy.

She is but the lovely mother,
He admires as she scolds his brother.

She’s not alone she brings an ice-cream,
a pet dog, and lots of American dream.

The dog likes to chase a cheese,
Especially one that’s near the seas.

The kid shudders at the joyful color
He wants to leave but she holds his mauler.

What is a Couplet Poem?

  • A couplet usually consists of two lines that rhyme and generally have a similar meter.
  • A couplet could be a complete two-line poem or a part of a larger poem.
  • These lines generally follow intense rhythm and rhyme.
  • There is no fixed rule for the couplet in respect to its rhythm, rhyme, or meter.

What Are The Types of Couplet Poems?

Heroic CoupletThis couplet is written in rhymed iambic pentameter and is the most commonly used in English poetry.
Split CoupletThis couplet features an asymmetrical rhythm with the first line in iambic pentameter and the next in iambic dimeter.
Open CoupletThis couplet flows from the first line to the second as a continuous sentence; also known as a run-on couplet.
Closed CoupletThis couplet features two separate sentences; also known as a formal couplet.
Chinese CoupletIn Chinese poetry, a couplet is an individual poem that is generally for special occasions and features wishes for a prosperous life.
Qasida CoupletThis is an Arabic poem that features a series of couplets.
Types of Couplet Poems

What Makes Couplets Interesting?

The beauty of couplet is that it makes a poem rhythmic and more memorable. Following are soome of the important aspects of a couplet poem:

  • Couplets are highly rhythmic.
    The rhythm in couplets make the poem more energetic, enjoyable, and memorable.
  • Couplets easily brings out the emphasis on the main points.
    A couplet is a crisp two line poem that quicly draws attention to the main points of the poem.
  • Couplets aid in creating beautiful imagery.
    This form uses fewer words and creates more striking imagery.

Fun Fact!

Did you know?

Ramcharitmanas, or more popularly known as Ramayan, is one long epic Hindu poem, also there sacred book. It is made up of over thousand rhyming couplets. It is one of the greatest work in Hindu literature.

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Mother and Kid | A Couplet poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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