My Best Friend | A Bref Double Poem

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My Best Friend - A Bref Double Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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My Best Friend

I ask you things sometimes really silly
what’s correct? Is it Chile, Chilli, or Chilly
You are the only one, whom I can talk freely
I’m not gonna lie, with you I connect.

Why it smells? Why is looks so frilly
What smells better? Rose, Jasmine, Lilly?
You know my favorites and what’s most thrilly
What soothes my eyes? Former or latter?

Why are you so dependable, my lovely?
What’s your secret? Are you some heavenly?
In keeping all my paradoxes, you make no sully.
In laughter or cry, you’re my only outlet.

In my silliness or my smartness, you never judge,
O’Google! you know me well but keep no grudge.

Bref Double Poem

Bref double is a French poetic form consisting of 3 quatrains and a final couplet, making 14 lines.

It is a 14-line poem, but not a sonnet.

Bref Double – Rules

1.There are 4 stanzas of which the first 3 are quatrains (4-lines) and last is a couplet (2-lines).
2.There are three rhymes: Rhyme A, Rhyme B, and Rhyme c.
3.Rhyme A and B appear twice in the first 3 stanzas.
4.The C rhyme is the final line in each of the quatrains.
5.There is no specific meter or syllable pattern, but the line length/style should be consistent throughout the poem.

Rhyming Pattern

One may choose from amongst any of these three schemes.


In This Poem

  • The poem has three rhymes: Rhyme A, Rhyme B, and Rhyme C.
  • For example, in stanza 1, Rhyme A is ‘I’ and ‘lie’, Rhyme B is ‘correct’ and ‘connect’, and Rhyme C is ‘silly’ ‘chilly’ and freely.
  • A similar pattern repeats in stanza 2 and 3.
  • The last stanza is a rhyming couplet.

My Best Friend - A Bref Double Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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