They Are Coming | An Eclogue by Ritika Nahata

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They Are Coming | An Eclogue by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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They Are Coming – The Poem

They say my village’s soil is gold,
And it’ll be much before I am old
our affluence will rise manifold
But I think that the move is too bold
through factories in every household
myriad abundance will be rolled
But will our sunshine ever be gold?

What is an Eclogue?

Eclogue is a short pastoral poem, set in idyllic rural place but about urban legal, political, ecological, or social Issues; depicting rural life as free of complexity, corruption & pollution. These poems are sometimes also called bucolics. It is usually in the form of a conversation or soliloquy.

What are the rules for writing an Eclogue?

There are no specific rules for writing an eclogue poem. However, a good rhyming, use of meters, good use of line length is desirable. You just have to stick to the rural theme of the poem. And also add a bit of drama.

About the poem – They Are Coming

  • The speaker of this poem is a child, who has heard from the senior members of his village that the soil of their village is very valuable. Maybe it is good for some kind of production, farming, or mining (not sure though). And soon there will begin the commercialization of the village (maybe urbanization). And once it begins, people in village will be rich. There will be ‘abundance’ and ‘affluence’ all around. But the child is worried about the side effects of this urbanization and asks the question, “Will their sunshine still be gold?’
  • The poem is made up of seven lines, and each line has same end-rhyme.
  • Each line of the poem is 9-syllable long.

Try writing an Eclogue and do share it with us.

To learn about more poetic forms and devices click here.

They Are Coming | An Eclogue by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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