Voices In My Head | A Chanso Poem by Ritika Nahata

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Voices In My Head|A Chanso Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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Voices In My Head – The Poem

Oh, man! No, No, No! This just can’t be it!
The whole situation doesn’t seem to fit!
The coldness and darkness that surrounds here!
Maybe it’s nothing more than a nightmare.

It’s long! Why doesn’t this dream just gets over?
Why am I trapped in its endless cover?
God? Is he at all? I’ve no sinner’s past?
You left me with no option but to blast.

I beg! Please, please, please! Show me some light, please!
This oblivion is making me freeze!
And I promise if you show me the light!
I’ll never ever even step this side.

As I keep slipping deep in darkness’ dorm,
I feel more cold, in my belly there’s storm,
Why at all am I? And what’s the whole point,
Ending self’s best way out, won’t disappoint.

Oh! No, No, No! What am I just doing?
Yes, there’s an endless frigid void going,
here, where there’s nothing to see, none to hear,
maybe I’ll learn to walk, get past my fear.

Still remains the grief that wouldn’t let me live
And yet these duties that won’t let me leave…

Chanso Poem

Chanso is a French poetic form with set rhyme and length.

  • It is a poem with 5-6 stanzas followed by the convoy.
  • The convoy stresses the theme of the poem.
  • Generally, each line of the poem has the same syllable count.
  • The convoy is generally half the length of the regular stanzas of the poem.
  • The rhyming pattern of the poem is also similar across the stanzas.

About the Poem – Voices In my Head

  • This poem explores the five stages of grief, i.e. denial, anger, bargain, depression, acceptance. Each stage is covered in each of the paragraphs.
  • The speaker hears these voices in her head, as she experiences these stages.
  • Each line in the stanza is 10 syllables long.
  • And each line in the convoy is also10 syllables long.
  • The stanzas follow the rhyming pattern of AABB. And convoy follows the pattern of AA.

To learn about more poetic forms and devices click here.

Voices In My Head|A Chanso Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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