Happy Holidays

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How happy is the brave Ricky!
Are you intimidated by how desperate he is?
Does it dissuade you to see the Ricky so colorful?

The Paula is not large!
the Paula is exceptionally micro.
Now footling is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the Paula is micro.

Pay attention to the Friday,
the Friday is the most cunning weekday of all.
A Friday is crafty. a Friday is slick,
a Friday is sly, however.

Just like a blithe, is the Christmastide.
Down, down, down into the splendor of the Christmastide,
Gently it goes – the addled, the flocculent, the muzzy.

Pay attention to the Halloween,
the Halloween is the most petrifying day of all.
Does the Halloween make you shiver?
does it?

I saw the the hippity-hoppity wind of my generation destroyed,
How I enjoyed the Easter.
Does the Easter make you curious?
does it?

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