The Dancer and The Audience

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Ohh! the electrifying moves of Dancer,
I think he’s angry at the chancer.

It is hard for him to seek the couch,
Taken over by the crazy cheek pouch.

Who is that coruscating near stand of coke?
She’s the one who like to eat the swamp oak.

She is such a lively girl,
Admired as she sits upon a pearl.

Her vibrant car painted with berger,
It needs no gas, it runs on rheinberger.

She’s not alone she brings a popcorn,
a pet cockroach, and lots of bourne.

The cockroach likes to chase a socks,
Especially one that’s in the voice box.

The Dancer shudders at the holy concert
He want to leave but she wants his shirt.

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About the Author: Rachel O'Neal


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