Mobile Detox in Name of Paryushana

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Mobile Detox by Ritika Nahata
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Paryushana – A Jain Festival

The last week and before, we had a Jain festival going on, called ‘Paryushana’. During these 8 eight days, people take vows of fasting and other observances. People go on for fasting from 1-8 days, generally (depending upon their capacity).
My people mostly assume that I can easily do athai (8-day fasting), considering my otherwise petite diet. But no, it becomes difficult for me to do even ekasana (i.e. eating only once a day). I can’t stay without food for really long. So, while everyone else in the family was observing different kinds of fasting; I decided to do it differently. I gave up my mobile phone for 8 days.
When people came to know about this, they had their eyebrows raised. Like, according to them, in this day-and-age this the biggest form of fasting anyone can do. Not using mobile for 8-straight days. But believe me, it’s not difficult at all. The whole experience was, in fact, really refreshing. You actually have a detoxed feeling.
So, here’s an account of my experience, the pros, and cons of taking a break from your regular mobile schedule.

Cons of Giving up Mobile Phone

Though there aren’t many, but still for me, I went through the following:

  • Those, like me, who don’t prefer going out and meeting people, it means you are away from your people. Though I had my laptop (which implies Facebook) on, I missed my people a lot. Work can be done through emails.
  • No PUPG and PES2018.
  • No instant news updates.
  • So many messages when you open the mobile phone finally after 8 days. You don’t even realize if you have made an appropriate reply to each and everyone, the next morning when you open the phone. (Michhami Dukkadam to all for the same).

Pros of Giving up Mobile Phone

There are so many, trust me:

  • So much time saved. I used the time to watch my long-pending movie series. 8-days, 8-movies; I finished the Harry Potter series. My sister suggested me Avenger series for the next Paryushana. But considering that I have only seen Iron Man and Hulk so far; I would need to do the whole chaturmasa (4-month period) next year ?.
  • People think of you really highly ?.  You become exemplary-figure suddenly ?. For them, you have made a really big sacrifice, in today’s world. But trust me, it is not. In fact, there is so much peace.
  • People actually come over to meet you. They are also waiting to call you and talk to you once your mobile-fasting gets over ?. So, this would actually imply more call time afterward. But that’s cool with me.

Final Verdict

I am not sure whether this thing really helps you spiritually, but I would recommend this mobile detox to everyone (for as many numbers of days depending on their capacity). But I am not really addicted to anything (at least that’s what I believe), not even my phone, so it wasn’t tough for me at all.
As scientific research says, about the benefits such as following, I am not sure if that worked for me:

  • Improved concentration (Well! I still am at the same level of absent-mindedness. ?)
  • Reduced stress (I have the same level of work-related stress, so no change. There isn’t much though . ??)
  • Improved sleep (I, otherwise also have decently healthy sleeping habits.)
  • Low technology dependence (Maybe, but not sure ?).
  • Increased analytical skills (?).

Well, this time I didn’t really do away with my laptop and kindle. Let me see if I can do that next year.
For now, Michhami Dukkadam ??.


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Mobile Detox by Ritika Nahata
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