Why Not Me

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Why Not Me - Ritika Nahata Poem
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That man
near the van
said “invention,
is rare after all”

My God!
know its odd,
but there’s a thing
that I need to ask

n’trillion things
– inventions exist

I then
ask again
really? is
invention so rare?

For sure!
It’s couture,
each one and all
have things they concoct

made the bun
other ice-cream
one created farm

A star
who made car,
then someone trained
and it flew like plane

one made mobile,
quantum computers!

Oh God!
tell me why?
there isn’t a thing
whose maker am “I”?

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Why Not Me - Ritika Nahata Poem
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About the Author: Ritika Baid

"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul"


  1. I read your poem. 😊 As you start from the incidence then you put the logic questions and disaffirm the man’s claim, it gives a sound deal. I like the most as then in the next part you make an “enumeration”, a bit similarly to the Ancient Greek epics, though in a short frame. Your structure is interesting: if we consider the pronunciation, the line 1 is composed of 1 spondse or trochee, the line 2 is built of the so-called cretaic, the line 3 uses trochees, and the last line is built of a spondse and a creatic metrical feet. This unique rhythm directs the reader straight to the end. And the closing question tells us, readers of some despair. Anyway, only for myself, I felt the strophes as if I saw tiny pyramids. It was fascinating for me. I like and enjoyed your poem.❤️😊

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