Corona Virus Poem

Dear Corona

A covid-19 inspired poem to give humanity hope.

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Forgetfulness by billy collins

Forgetfulness | A Poem by Billy Collins

This is the poem about the limitations of the memory-feature of human brains. Due to these limitations, we tend to forget things. This poem lays down the whole logical sequence in which our brains start forgetting things.
This comes as a word of caution to all the writers desperately trying to create a masterpiece. No matter how beautiful your creation is, it will go down to oblivion, as we all will.

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We wear the mask Paul Laurence Dunbar Poem

We Wear The Mask | Poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Its true that we all wear the masks for some reason. But, the poet here has a question that why are people always so interested in counting our feelings hidden behind the mask. Why can’t they just take us with our masks? There is a reason why we put this mask, why can’t everyone just let it be.

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The World Is Too Much With Us William Wordsworth Poem

The World Is Too Much With Us | William Wordsworth Poem

William Wordsworth says that instead of living in a high-society, modern world, with up-to-date technology (blooming at the cost of nature), he would rather choose to be a low-born or ‘pagan-born’ and enjoy the scene of Proteus (the moon of the sea) rising from the sea.

William Wordsworth poems are highly inspired by his love for nature.

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A Servant When He Reigneth Rudyard Kipling Poem

A Servant When He Reigneth | A Poem by Rudyard Kipling

‘A Servant When He Reigneth’, is this the scenario that explains the status of the leaders across the world? The ones who could be moved by just anyone and their words have no weights left…
Are they really more than ever a slave?

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Prayer Before Birth | Poem by Louis MacNeice at UpDivine

Prayer Before Birth | Poem by Louis MacNeice

The poem beautifully presents the thoughts of the poet through the mouth of the baby who is still unborn. The baby is well aware of the gravity of the situation across the world that he is just too scared to take birth. He simply knows that the world is too evil that he will not be able to sustain here, given its innocence.

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Have a nice day | A poem By Spike Milligan at UpDivine

Have a Nice Day | Poem by Spike Milligan

This poem talks about a bizarre conversation between two individuals facing a serious threat to their lives, but still too engrossed in their comfort zones, unwilling to help each other. Had they helped each other they might as well, would have survived.

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।।चिरस्थाई भद्रकाल।।

This is a poem about the people who worship every female like a goddess during nine days of the Navratri festival. The people of the same society involved in Female foeticide.

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