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Sometimes you write a poem that’s too dark. You read the long poem to yourself. And all you want to do is close it and put it in the box, forever.

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advice to a girl by sara teasdale

Advice to A Girl | A Poem by Sara Teasdale

‘Advice to a girl’ is a short one-paragraph poem, but with a very strong message. An advice that the one who is worthy might never be yours. And it’s up to you to decide how to move on.

advice to a girl by sara teasdale
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Fire and Ice by Robert rost

Fire and Ice | A Poem by Robert Frost

Robert Frost chooses the best alternative as a mode of destruction if the world had to end this moment. He chooses the better mode from amongst ‘fire’ and ‘ice’. He is also giving justification for his choice.

Fire and Ice by Robert rost
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I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt by Sylvia Plath

I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt | A Poem by Sylvia Plath

‘I Thought That I Could Not be Hurt’ is one of the first poems written by Sylvia Plath during her teenage years with a sad undertone. In this poem, she wants to express how her life was happy and joyful. And how these pleasant feelings aren’t permanent.

I Thought I Could Not Be Hurt by Sylvia Plath
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Why Not Me - Ritika Nahata Poem

Why Not Me

We all at some point in time, see people creating wonderful things. Sometimes there are things you see and think, “I wish! I had created something as grand as this”. A short poem about God’s child envy of her fellow creations/creators.

Why Not Me - Ritika Nahata Poem
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SOMETIMES THE PUPPET HAND (c) copyright by Cupideros, January 12, 2020, 6:54 CHORUS Sometimes . . . the puppet hand is not her brand. Sometimes the puppet hand is someone else’s hand. Could be a gay, lesbian or LEFT Fascist hand; Could be Misandry, Matriarchy, Mongering band, Read More ….

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A short poem about my feelings for the world right now. Follow my blog on Instagram @piecesofkblog for more

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Stop the Presses

You say the truth will come to light? Then why do you scoff at the idea of paying for WashPo or your local paper, when you’ll pay for cable to watch the news on TV?

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Natural Death

If let me re-introduce myself was a poem.

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I Measure Every Grief I meet |Poem by Emily Dickinson

This is an extremely sad poem, much like the life of Emily Dickinson. A poem about her appraisal of the sadness and grief that she meets, and I bet she meets many. This poem just keeps getting sad until the last couple of paragraphs, where she reveals that other’s grief gives her comfort. It is others too, who have suffered. And some of the pains are like hers.

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Diving Into The Wreck Adrienne Rich

Diving Into The Wreck | A Poem by Adrienne Rich

‘Diving into wreck’ is a poem that talks about the whole diving experience of a sea diver straight from the preparation stage until when he reaches the bottom of the sea to find a wreck. This poem talks about the whole emotional journey of the diver.

Diving Into The Wreck Adrienne Rich
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Not Waving But Drowning Stevie Smith

Not Waving But Drowning |Poem by Stevie Smith

“Not Waving But Drowning” is an extremely sad and gloomy poem. A poem about a man who seems happy and full of life all the time. But inside he is dying. He gives signals about his state of mind, calling for help or maybe an ear who could hear. But either the world was deaf or ignorant or deaf during his life.

Not Waving But Drowning Stevie Smith
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Corona Virus Poem

Dear Corona

A covid-19 inspired poem to give humanity hope.

Corona Virus Poem
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Forgetfulness by billy collins

Forgetfulness | A Poem by Billy Collins

This is the poem about the limitations of the memory-feature of human brains. Due to these limitations, we tend to forget things. This poem lays down the whole logical sequence in which our brains start forgetting things.
This comes as a word of caution to all the writers desperately trying to create a masterpiece. No matter how beautiful your creation is, it will go down to oblivion, as we all will.

Forgetfulness by billy collins
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