A Teacher

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A Teacher
A Teacher is he who teaches for life
To mould his students he always strives
He is a mentor, a guide, and a well-wisher
He does not care working under much pressure
He burns like a candle but lights life of others
But for his life and problems very few bothers
Under every circumstance, he keeps a smiling face
He always struggles for students to win every race
He is the architect of their fate
Some understand sooner, some do late
Many people target him for many reasons
Some times complaints, while some time criticisms
Even then he doesn’t abandon his hope
However, the situation is difficult to cope
His lifestyle can’t be like other
For many minute things he has to bother
He is the role model for students to emulate
Although some follow him while some humiliate
Examinations continuously raise his tensions
Since everybody wants only his attention
Though he does a noble job still remains poor
The future of his children is not always sure
He is often used as a rubber stamp
His life is always in a financial swamp
Still, he keeps smiling and hides every pain
He goes on duty whether summer or rain
Respect, respect, and only respect is his earning
He remains hand to mouth even after much learning
Hence many parents don’t want their children to be a teacher
They consider it a useless job and has no future
But the real teacher is a teacher who loves his profession
He does not care for money and chase his passion
He is the architect of the nation and the builder of generation
Without whom can be no Doctor’s, No Engineer, and No Profession
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