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Never expect my favour I am always down to earth
The honest people in this world are always in a dearth
Flattering and pretending is never known to me
The same image will be shown whenever you come to see
If you are beautiful you will look the same
I never do cheating and never play any game
No matter who you are and whats your age
I always organise your meeting with your own image
Some people keep me staring for a longer time
They don’t pay any heed even when the clocks chime
Even in hurry, they have at least a glance
For having even a little rest I have no chance
My life has got boring seeing regularly same faces
Sometimes it seems as if they are in beauty races
It surprises me how in front of me they waste precious time
It’s so sad they pay no heed even when the clocks chime
I pray God to give them some more wisdom
Instead of beauty if they focus on deed they can make a kingdom
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Sajed Ali Khan

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