The Plaint of Mathematics

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The Plaint of Mathematics
I am pierced in every field
My knowledge is must for-profit yield
From morning till evening you are confronted with me
Be it a question of expenses or of paying a fee
You use me practically but still scare
Keeping my phobia is not always fair
I am not as difficult as you think
You can learn me within a wink
You just need focus and little patience
I am evergreen and follow no fashion
You must learn table and do practice nicely
You won’t deprive of me if you do it wisely
Even in nature, you will find my signs
The shape of trees and leaves are my designs
Any object you may use for addition and subtraction
You must focus always and have no distraction
If you want to be an expert use presence of mind
Within a few seconds every answer you can find
Please don’t defame me saying difficult and tough
You better change your attitude which is rough
Sajed Ali Khan
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