Morning Jazz

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Morning Jazz

“There is something about morning jazz.

When the rest of the neighborhood,

Still asleep or just barely waking up—

Their eyes still blurry,

Feelin’ groggy,

Mind a little foggy.

Morning jazz while you’re awake,

Cooking tomatoes, peppers, and eggs—

Attempting to make the finest of omelets,

An omelet so fine, you’d think master chefs had created it.


Ya fucked it up.

And before your ego feeds shame into the mouth of your confidence,

The sounds and tunes of morning jazz

make you look on the bright side.

Filling your hearts cup of happiness with gratitude and grace.

You then smile in appreciation for the scramble your desired breakfast morphed into.

All thanks,

To that morning jazz. “

Sianna Reigine.

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Sianna Burgos-Altman

About the Author: Sianna Burgos-Altman

I find the subtle beauty that lies within everything that exists. Everything is alive in my eyes which allows me to create authentically in my writing.


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