Toetagged aka morgue

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Why are you here

did you listen  

why did you run
why did you leave

why did you have to do what you did

morgue is cold

for the young and old

for they know not what they do

but the one who watches does

did you get your last kisses and hugs

there will be a lot of questions and unleft answers

to the clues that will never be told

down to the judges of others with dirty looks

looking to throw the book at every person convicted in place

some wrongly given just to be looked at as a disgrace

innocent until proven guilty but already mistaken identity

Morgue never determines your fate

this world continues to turn at a alarming rate

toetagged in slow position in line some with no answers

slowly taken away in time

forever sorrows, pain, and hurts

the timestamp expires never it won’t ever will

morgue life is just too real

some won’t understand the thought

of the mind that askk the question

money talks and bullshit walks

eyes are the biggest judge

nd you know who watches

the judge of all judges even watches

the judges judging you

tables turn 

and the whats done in the dark will come to light

when the biggest decision by the judge will convict the wrong

and free the right

but until this comes

All we got left is just the fight.


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Tina Barnette

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