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What does it mean when
You are visited by a ghost 
Previously buried and forgotten
But just as soon as it was gone
It resurfaces
Whistling in the wind a haunting tune
They speak of good and bad spirits
I am trying to work out whether you are good or bad
Why is your tune haunting me so
Why me? Why now? Whhhhhyyyyyy?
As the past and the present align 
I continue to ask why?
Do I need to sleep with a bible and garlic 
Do I need to keep you at bay
What message have you brought from the past
Is it one of building or breaking 
Do I need to ask for forgiveness for my transgressions
Do I need to repent
Do you have a message for me
Is it closure you seek
Why are you in purgatory
Why hasn’t your spirit moved on
You linger and that haunting tune continues to whistle in the wind 
I guess only time will tell whether you are a good or bad spirit 
For now I brave the taunts and the haunting tune
I am a capable prayer warrior 
So good or bad, best believe my roots won’t be shaken 
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