Come! Hold my hand.

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Come! Hold my hand
Sit by my side,
And lay on the sand;
We’ll swirl in the time
Based on the dime,
Future on head, past on tail,
flickering past memories,
Decide what to keep what not to.

Come! Let’s wander,
Get lost in the flow,
Without the notion of choice.
Headed towards the glow,
Giving the best for the show,
Which will end one day,
The day, stardust gets to settle,
Away from the star,
Which it always longed
A thousand scars,
Which it always wore,
Just to show,
What the distance did to it.

Still, the star,
Only in the view,
Still longed, lying nowhere,
Cause the location doesn’t matter,
Still felt, the distance between
That isn’t there to say
But to feel.

Let’s form a star here,
Let’s end the distance here,
Let’s look each other,
In the eye, which maps us,
Let’s get the route,
To the inside,
To a universe, that is felt,
Not measured,
That is acknowledged,
Not calculated,
What is up, is down,
What is out, is in,
Let’s start the flow within,
Which created the outside,
Let’s start love,
Let’s end love.

Come! Just hold my hand.

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