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Dust to dust by the broken dreams of the humanity,

you ain’t got a lot to say, the words are sad.

Now, our companion, the pains of the heart and the empty eyes.

The indifference kills with no shame or concern, killing me,

killing you, watch the end of the blessing, the burning of the gift.

For the blind in the heart war has taken its tax, he has wrapped us in black wings.

And one day, the sun stopped, the rain stopped falling,

the flowers didn’t look high,

the sky emptied of stars,

then a tear dripped from the heart and became our breath

we need a sacred tear,

before the fall.

Love is not a theory, a theology, a philosophy,

Love is not confined in any system of thought.

Love is not intellectual or emotional.

Love is freedom, freedom from all doctrine, method,

freedom from all crutches, freedom from every discipline,

Love, it’s beyond description,

the finite can never comprehend the infinite.

Love, a blessing of light, the sigh of the stars,

a necessary coincidence of the universe.

Love, is recognizing all the fears, all the wounds

and insecurities and accepting them.

Love is working through

all the challenges and painful times.

Infatuation is fragile and will shatter

when life is not perfect and comfort.

So, breath deeply and let his love to wash the dusk.

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Alexis karpouzos

About the Author: Alexis karpouzos

Alexis karpouzos is a philosopher and author, founder of the international center of research and culture in Greece.

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