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Loneliness, Emotional pain, walks with us through the day,
and sleeps with us through the night,
Tears that is not visible to the naked eye,
silent screams that no one can hear,
feeling of relentless distress,
Trapped with nowhere to turn,
life is changing beyond our control,
someone else is pulling the strings,
causing this deep ache in the bottom of our soul.
but remember, for every soul there is a soul that touches yours –
Be it the slightest contact –
always there is a gleam of faith in the darkening sky;
always there is a glimpse of brigther skies
To brave the thickening ills of life;
To make this life worthwhile.

Remember, At the center of all things
and within all hearts
exists the void of possibility
one absolute consciousness
connecting all that lives
dividing, it remains one
expanding but does not grow
endlessly does it die and eternally it lives,
perfect but not yet
no-thing and full meaning
between each sound
at the heart of eternal light
deep darkness

You and me, We are star stuff–
The stuff of which the Universe is made
Billions and billions of years old–
The stuff of the trees, flowers, rivers and lakes,
The stuff of oceans deep and mysterious.

You and me, We are star stuff —
Born of the microcosmic essence of the Seen and the Unseen,
Born of the essence of the Infinite Universe.
Together, we are one with nothingness the other side of ful.
Brilliant, ancient, nutrient-rich, every-lasting stars.
We are all that!

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Alexis karpouzos

About the Author: Alexis karpouzos

Alexis karpouzos is a philosopher and author, founder of the international center of research and culture in Greece.

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