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There is a land by faith I’ve seen

Where skies no clouded regions know;

Where they know not the sorrows of time

and no shadows fall to blight the view

That land no want has ever known,

Nor pain nor sickness nor distress;

there, Death, the last enemy, is slain;

There those who meet shall part no more,

And those long parted meet again.

There’s a land far away..

Beyond these wild winds and gloomy skies,

Beyond Death’s cloudy portal,

There is a land where beauty never dies

And love becomes immortal;

A land whose light is never dimmed by shadow,

Whose fields are ever vernal,

Where nothing beautiful can ever fade,

But blooms for aye eternal.

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Alexis karpouzos

About the Author: Alexis karpouzos

Alexis karpouzos is a philosopher and author, founder of the international center of research and culture in Greece.

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