Mama Gaia Steppin’ Up

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I saw Her hesitating yet
Though straining at Her very core
To reach for Her heredity
And justly rule once more

Her patient and maternal heart
Aching for each, and each one more
Wavering irresolute
She’s shooing through the Door

Before, as ever Doors have been
Eternal known at times to do,
It closes — on its outer side
Leaving still some few

Of Her beloved children
Who do not ken that they are so,
Insisting yet rebell’iousness
And naught else need to know

I sympathized this Mother for
I saw what She must see
Her little chicks defenceless still
Adorable and wobbly

I see them, as She sees them
Wavering toward the Light
Next moment turned away again
Forgetting its delight

So patient She has been with us
As brings me tears to tell —
It’s time we all decided to
Make our Mama well

Somebody that she loves and trusts
Will have to tell her soon
That much as she would love to
She can’t wait for every goon

And giggling gigolo
Their inner heart remember to —
That boiling Soup inside Her’s
‘Bout as brewed as it can brew

Her Bath of Light’s as ready
As a Bath of Light can get
And she had better strip it down
And hop on into it

She needs to know we won’t complain
If She needs to shake Her skin
We’ll put up with a little rain
If it healing Her begin

We want Her not to worry
About the children who will go
To reality which has
What they still need to know to grow

She hasn’t failed them, and some day
After more growth through they go
This every single one of them
In eons forth will come to know

O Mama — further patience and
From your dis-ease you’ll never rise
Forget about the rest of us
At this time for your Self be wise

Don’t let Yourself o’erwhelmed become
By hesitant and loving dread
It’s time for You recover to:
Let loose Now —
Go Ahead. 

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