Uncle Aaron “The Champ” Yelverton

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Uncle Aaron “The Champ” Yelverton

Karen Yelverton

Died of Throat Cancer on Oct 29, 2015


Born the Best Champ in so many ways

Your name rings a bell since the great bible days

Aaron, the high priest

Moses, the big brother, fighting pharaohs and fears

It didn’t really matter

From boxer to ball player

Born August 27

Seems you dribbled your way back to heaven

I know angels are waiting for heroes like you

But let me celebrate because the best champs are few

Remember at age 3 how you fell out of the bed?

The nurses and doctors thought you already dead

But God added 77 more years to build the right champ

A life that beamed like light from a bright lamp

Even brighter when you laughed or grinned

We made a great team ‘cause you taught me to win

You ran the best race with wisdom and wit

Stood in God’s grace until it was time to quit

Only one brother out of three bold fine sisters

With enough love to beat all the gold that glitters

For Aunt Odessa, Aunt Bani, and my Mom

For family and friends, wherever they come from

We celebrate your life because you made us all proud

Through stress and strife, you still laughed out loud

With jokes over dinner, you taught me life’s game

You even played ball with legends like Wilt Chamberlain

So from me, your niece, Karen, on your home going day

Thanks for sharing a peace and love that will never fade away

Thanks, Uncle Aaron

my friend and the best champ in the game

Rest in perfect peace in God’s great hall of fame

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