I Can’t Forget

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Can you imagine my world without you
I can’t forget what I’ve been through
Dreams keep on haunting me

While I search for the life I once knew with you
Can I awake from all the pain and heartache
Is it real? Or am I just dreaming you’re not here

I can’t seem to face my reality
Want to pretend we’re walking down our street again
Go back to the home where we were free
Lay down together and dream sweet dreams
Wake in the morning your faces I can see

But I guess it’s all a dream
But I guess it’s all a dream

Can you come back to me
Dry all the tears we’ve cried
I cried too much this just can’t be

Leave me alone if it’s all a dream
Don’t want to wake up without you
Without you next to me
I miss your face and your laughter
I can see us dancing

I know these things you can’t remember
But I can’t forget or just let go

It’s a world I don’t want to know
But it seems this is where I’ll be

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Marcy Martinez

About the Author: Marcy Martinez

Marcy Martinez is an Instagram poet who started in Oct 2019. She wants to fulfill a dream of becoming a published author in many book genres. Her life is in her poetry.

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