Knowing you

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I know you so well, my love.

I know that…

You like to drink a hot cup of tea

Sometimes a total of ten cups a day.

You like the smell of old books,

You can hide behind them everyday.

You don’t like those movies with an ending 

Where everything gets neatly tied in a bow.

You don’t like the concept of eating out

Instead you stay home and order chicken stew.


You don’t like the sound of dogs howling 

It freaks you out outright every night.

You also don’t like to smell the flowers,

You won’t admit but you are allergic to pollens, alright.


You like the sound of when the temple bell tolls

You say it makes you feel spiritually uplifted

And you like to watch the sunset everyday 

And stay back late, look out on the twilight to end.


It is quite scary, isn’t it?

How much I know about you,

All the quirks and habits.

I wish you at least tried one bit

To get to know me too.


You have no time for me.

No patience left in you to know me.

So I am going to allow my intuition 

To guide me to a decision.


But this you should know

You’re too late now.

So it is time for me to let go 

And for you to take a bow.

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