Tumbling Girls Poem

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Tumbling Girls
Copyright by Cupideros, July 18, 2020

Tumbling Girls and their aerial feats,
They fold, unfold like paper sheets.
Some girls start slow with a good stretch,
Unfold their legs like a long line sketch.

Handstand pretzels transform, and
Reform in time, to a tad lower, elbow stands,
On colorful soft meadowlands,
Round or block, pink, green, and blue lands.

Some girls start fast with a high leap.
Some girls began flipping their long hair.
These girls get serious with their magic spells,
After flashing the peace signs all is well.

They are ready to dare nimble limbs
Hands to feet, arms to legs, and torsos trim.
Frontflips began to dispel their sleep,
Where T-Girls dream they straddle jumped imaginary sheep!

Aerial flips planned, in time, to recreate,
Other T-Girl’s feats and somersaults fun,
Full layouts, tucked or piked, they do not cheat.
Matching action moves screen to screen,
These Tumbling Girl’s leave nothing undone.

Some throw double-backs after they twist.
Some girls frown or smile as they flip;
Some hide their faces under their long hair,
These T-Girls are mysterious in midair.
Limbs pressed together, ready to stick,
Landings with ease; then swinging one leg out with seriousness,
They toss their hands high up, SUCCESS!.

Oh! If their high wire tricks without tacks
Went off without a miss or trip.
But growing new skills is a must;
The brave, strong try until they adjust,

To master their stumble or missed stick.
T-Girls endure and play their half-tuck
Kick, whirling, collapsing, high-low stunts
Using elements known and strange
Showing both their backs and fronts.
They go new places, equipment changed.

So, if you see a Tumbling Girl
Flying in midair, like a hummingbird
Paused very high, her ponytail
Flag floating long, tall over land, those

Meadowlands of pink, green or blue,
Don’t be surprised at their Valdez control,
A tumbling pass with a walkover x-out
Or a punch to a hallow to a forward roll,

For a couple of decade seconds.
With great effort to set feet and stand,
They fall flat on their seat, trim legs spanned!
Just remember later if you see
Them again, they will perfectly hit
their landing stick and cool trick skit;

And maybe even throw in a slip-and-slide!

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