Honestly, yours.

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I thought I would forever be alone,

And I would just live like that,

But little did I know,

That now,

Now all is gone.

When I looked at you with my own eyes,

Yours were so sad and dark inside,

But the realest I could ever find,

Then the Sun started to rise,

In that big sky of my mind.

It was just a moment,

And we broke into a fight,

Like we wanted to test each other,

But together we were so wrong,

And again we were so right.

You had something in yourself,

I couldn’t bring you out of your shelf,

You have been hurt and I was patient,

I could see through your eyes all the scars,

And could hear through your laughter all the screams,

Quietly we were talking,

For both, the truth was shocking.


I can’t let you go,

And cannot decide for you,

But I have things to say,

Who knows…

Maybe you would like to know.

I will write them on the white shores,

Honestly, yours.

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