By Grace

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Meaningless! Meaningless!

The wretched breakage of


Grieved for long before its time

All of it meaningless!


It is my grace we enjoy

             Our deliverance.

When grace about but left


It becomes meaningless.


In the wake of expression

An unsteady freedom


Unbound by chains of


The marked time is



By faith we see the new dawn

And utter defiance to

             The storm

For what is lost will be

             Gained again

Wisdom in obedience transforms

             The soul again.


The warriors might, the widows song,

             The mothers care

Without grace

Is all meaningless.


I will not be shaken by earth

             Or despair

There is a time to weep,

             And a time to die

And a time to live for all visions

             To come to pass, by Grace.


(Original poem: 1997, Kelowna, BC)

*image- Google stock photo

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