O Captain My Captain Walt Whitman Poem

O Captain! My Captain! | A Poem by Walt Whitman

Victories come with a price. Here the ship may have successfully sailed through all the perils towards the victory, but the Captain is no longer alive to taste it. The captain, here, in this poem, refers to the late president of USA, Abraham Lincoln. The poem is written with reference to American Civil War of 1861-65.

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adventures of isabel ogden nash

Adventures Of Isabel | Poem by Ogden Nash

This is an extremely humorous poem by Ogden Nash about our adventurous episodes of Isabel. Kids just love this poem. You read this in front of them once and they will ask you to repeat the same again and again.

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Self Healing

if today is the last day you plan on breathing if this burden is weighing on you if the over dead weight of the world is heavy on your shoulders the only place you can…

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Exposure | A poem by Wilfred Owen

Exposure | A Poem by Wilfred Owen

This is one of the finest poems written by Wilfred Owen, in the backdrop of WWI.
In this poem, he talks about how the soldiers sentiently keep waiting for the possible exposure to death, in the poorest of weather conditions. Always ready to die, their brains ache. ‘But nothing happens’. It highlights the effect of the weather on battle-weary soldiers and in addition puts their plight into context when it momentarily touches on the dream of a return home.

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Do not go gentle into that good night | Dylan Thomas Poem

Do not go gentle into that good night | Poem by Dylan Thomas

In this poem Dylan Thomas asserts that all men on their death beds should resist death as strongly as they can. They should only leave this world kicking and screaming, furious that they have to die at all. This poem was written by Dylan Thomas for his dying father.

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Divinity and truth are pillars of lifetime happiness

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Rise and Shine | A poem by Afzaleen Shaikh at UpDivine

Rise & Shine

Rise and Shine is a poem full of hope. My heart is full of faith and I believe that I am going to rise and shine one day, despite any adversity or hurdles in my way.

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