Mother Nature

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I see my people dying out of hunger.
Still I’m surprised how they fight just to showcase who’s stronger!
I see my children crying for love ,
Why the hell they’re in a competition to go above!
I see my daughters screaming in torture,
How can some beings be so cruel with anger!
I see many humans are living with no land.
Still some are arguing over a pinch of sand !
I see malnourished & very lean small kids,
Yet there are persons who have never-ending greed!
They say disturbance in weather brings threats to our existence ,
But seeing all these savagery sometimes unwillingly I have to break my silence.

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Debasmita Tripathy

About the Author: Debasmita Tripathy

I culture the thoughts in my mind & they take the shape of words. Writing isn't my hobby it's my happiness.

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