I’d wander and often adrift Only to pursue tranquility and escape  Being able to liberate words of a poet Cascades of which flow alongside the lakes   I’d often meander amidst wilderness That embrace ever-flowing…

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Lazy Days

First blooms of spring, First bursts of colour After a long winter.

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The Sun

Every time I wake up it makes me so happy to have the Sun above my head. The best thing about going to the beach is the suntan. But sunblock is important too.

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Time and Chimes

If you’re going to waste your time. You should think about refusing to listen to those sounds of wind chimes.

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An Endless Evening…

” It is a beauteous evening, calm and free, the holy time is quiet as the Nun…..” – William Wordsworth The following lines are a source of inspiration for me to write the poem.

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Can You Hear Me – My Lungs

Will my lungs ever get accustomed to the technological advancement that is taking place at the cost of environment? In this poem the lungs of the speaker talks to him. The lungs that were once green are all died up now.

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Fire and Ice by Robert rost

Fire and Ice | A Poem by Robert Frost

Robert Frost chooses the best alternative as a mode of destruction if the world had to end this moment. He chooses the better mode from amongst ‘fire’ and ‘ice’. He is also giving justification for his choice.

Fire and Ice by Robert rost
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The Brook by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The Brook | A Poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson

This stream joins the river, its final destiny. And The Brooks (as personified by Alfred Lord Tennyson) mocks the humans as ordinary mortals who get consumed by time.

Sir Tennyson’s love for nature is evident from the fact that how beautifully he adds sensuality in the description of a river.

The Brook by Alfred Lord Tennyson
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A Sound Concession

A Sound Concession is a poem about music and sounds. Read More ….

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Remember by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Remember | A Poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti

This poem describes the fear of Christina Georgina Rossetti, not from death but from the fact that her lover might not remember her after she is gone. But as the poem progresses, she accept that for a greater good, it would be better if he forgets her and live happily, rather than remember and be sad.

Remember by Christina Georgina Rossetti
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New Hampshire Robert Frost Poem

New Hampshire | A Poem by Robert Frost

New Hampshire is a poem that describes Robert Frost’s love for the city of New Hampshire and its natural beauty, love for arts, and unbusinesslike nature. It also discusses the shallowness of people who measure everything based on its commercial value.

New Hampshire Robert Frost Poem
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Quarantine dairies

I would see the sky clear Which was not the case earlier The moon seems to be so pure With twinkling stars,its peers The birds are free from fear As humans are not near Wondering…

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Diving Into The Wreck Adrienne Rich

Diving Into The Wreck | A Poem by Adrienne Rich

‘Diving into wreck’ is a poem that talks about the whole diving experience of a sea diver straight from the preparation stage until when he reaches the bottom of the sea to find a wreck. This poem talks about the whole emotional journey of the diver.

Diving Into The Wreck Adrienne Rich
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Wild Geese mary oliver

Wild Geese | A Poem by Mary Oliver

“Wild Geese” is an attempt by Oliver to inspire people to be true to themselves and nature rather than run a never-ending race to be perfect for people. And that “you” are not alone with a life full of despair. There are millions, and you will definitely find someone to share it with. You just need some patience. This is also and attempts by the poet to promote human connectivity.

Wild Geese mary oliver
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A Drinking Song W B Yeats

A Drinking Song |Poem by William Butler Yeats

A short poem filled with simplicity that states two truths that you all must know before you grow old and die. A poem by William Butler Yeats that compares wine with love.

A Drinking Song W B Yeats
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