The starry night

The tired and weary horse came to a halt, Lonely, scared, confused, I stood, Under the dreamy sky, Stars twinkling like diamonds, Sparkling moonlight through a cranny in the shroud of mist, Dew drops glistening…

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Why do I love you sir emily dickinson

“Why Do I Love” You, Sir? | Poem by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson, through this poem, tries to find an answer to the question, “Why do I love?”. And this “You” and “sir” could be a reference to God as well.
Throughout the poem, she keeps asserting that there is no reason for her love for him. It comes naturally to her and is a very part of her existence.

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The World Is Too Much With Us William Wordsworth Poem

The World Is Too Much With Us | William Wordsworth Poem

William Wordsworth says that instead of living in a high-society, modern world, with up-to-date technology (blooming at the cost of nature), he would rather choose to be a low-born or ‘pagan-born’ and enjoy the scene of Proteus (the moon of the sea) rising from the sea.

William Wordsworth poems are highly inspired by his love for nature.

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Exposure | A poem by Wilfred Owen

Exposure | A Poem by Wilfred Owen

This is one of the finest poems written by Wilfred Owen, in the backdrop of WWI.
In this poem, he talks about how the soldiers sentiently keep waiting for the possible exposure to death, in the poorest of weather conditions. Always ready to die, their brains ache. ‘But nothing happens’. It highlights the effect of the weather on battle-weary soldiers and in addition puts their plight into context when it momentarily touches on the dream of a return home.

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Fall | A nature poem by Mystqx Skye at UpDivine


This poem expresses the love of the speaker for autumn. If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then fall would be the magic hour.

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A dream destination

While walking down to the bay, With my eyes and ears on the rising and falling waves, I dream of travelling to a time and place, Where the sky and the ocean would come together…

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