Pretty Bird

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I know it’s been a decade.
Still that day doesn’t vanish from my head.
Seems like yesterday only I was born.
My mother was feeding me sweet corn.
My siblings were chirping & father was teaching me how to fly.
We were happy in our home at the forest with a farming land near by.
All of a sudden our home was broken.
I lost my family under the branches which had fallen.
Since that day I have been alone.
Lonely I stay here no body comes here afraid of that cyclone.
Recently I heard if Global warming will be stopped & more trees will be planted,
Noone of us will be lonely again noone has to afraid.
Will you be my friend and join hand to bring this havoc to an end??!

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Debasmita Tripathy

About the Author: Debasmita Tripathy

I culture the thoughts in my mind & they take the shape of words. Writing isn't my hobby it's my happiness.


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