Pigeon and Crow

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Cranky, wicked
Yelling, squawking, scaring
Making the world beaked
Devastating crops, what they say.

Intelligent, saintly
Displaying, sparkling, delighting
Making world go around
Kingly, as it’s known to all

Patiently waits
Outside and whoops
Till we serve them food
It’s innocence isn’t appreciated though

Fluttering irritates,
When enters house
Making hearts pound fast
But they say he’s a star


P.S.: Pigeon is hugely considered as a wise and saintly bird, whereas crows are often considered cranky and wicked. I have a different opinion. I can’t bear the fluttering sound that pigeons make as they enter my house. Crows are decent they wait for me outside till I serve them food.

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