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Birds depict the real meaning of freedom
They go wherever they like to any kingdom
They neither believe in caste nor in the creed
Wherever they want they are ready to breed
They are the epitome of discipline for us
As for trifles we people always make a fuss
They inhibit the leadership quality by birth
Such discipline we can’t find anywhere on earth
They teach their family how to fly
They always enjoy their company in the sky
During their childhood whatever they need
Their father and mother are always there to feed
They know very well how to take their care
Problems and difficulties to them never despair
They soar in the sky at a very high altitude
But never ever do they show anyone their attitude
We must learn humbleness from their nature
They sit on the mountain peak as well as furniture
If food gets scarce they never keep crying
By migrating to other places they keep on trying
So we must get from their lives a big message
That no problem is ever bigger than our courage
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About the Author: Sajid Ali Khan

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