Is it necessary to be with a person, if you love them ?

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I feel its not necessary, but how else do you show someone that you love them, if you are not even there by their side in happy/ sad moments? It is difficult to breathe at times because of my instincts telling me, it is going to devastate me for the rest of my life. Have you ever loved someone so much that, before getting aggravated or questioning them for their actions, you put in all your effort into understanding their part of the story and forgive them instantly? Well, it makes me feel like a fool at times but isn’t that what we do, when we are in love, we forgive people for everything. Being honest, I get influenced by the thought of a beautiful future and forget about the present. So, if you didn’t agree with me about two sentences back, you must now! I am a fool in love and I have accepted it, which has been my big mistake as I hear from others. My question is, if it is necessary to be with the person you love in order to show them that love and affection. My answer stands to be yes being a foolish person, but when someone asks me for advice on a similar situation, I tell them otherwise.  It is the journey I choose, to suffer with him than to suffer without him, it is not something I would recommend to someone else.  I believe there is enough pain in all of our lives but if there is someone who helps me face that pain and suffering and calls me beautiful and magical, its good enough for me.  I set my bar there, I don’t know where you set yours, but I do hope you find contentment in your journey with any decision you make. 

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