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From your marks to your groom taste

Its their opinion which matters to the best



According to them all you can be is perfect

Otherwise they know everything of your life which is not correct



You are not allowed to do anything out of the blue

They make fun of who is not in the ordinary queue



No success is acceptable if you try to break the myth

What matters is your grade and who you roam with



They aren’t relatives but even family is scared of them

They maybe wrong but can surely spoil your name



You can’t say! Can’t say anything!

Coz they are sweetest at face! from behind they sting



No you can’t be independent if you are a girl

Your dad did! But they don’t think their daughter is a pearl



No good thoughts but all they generate is anxiety

Maybe you have visited this place…they call it society!



                                                             —MRUNMAYEE KULKARNI





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Mrunmayee Kulkarni

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