Heavenly Mother

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Heavenly Mother

By: F.M. Tali

I imagine your white hair is long

Cloaking hips that were our genesis

With natural graceful presence

Complementing Father’s magnificence

I imagine, my Savior was a scholar

And that I followed Him unwearyingly

I imagine, He got Father’s light and power

His grace and intelligence from You 

I imagine, You were a refuge highly sought

Your bosom a constant pillow of comfort

Whispering soft words of encouragement

To  all of your children

I imagine, you were Father’s equal

You were One in all decisions

I imagine, your faith and humility

To let Father’s Will be done.

I read that Father could not look

At His only Begotten Son’s slaughter

I imagine, You looked and endured with your Son

While gently comforting Father

Hard days, I imagine, you are there with me

I sit at your feet, whilst you plait my hair

Whispering, “Daughter, rest here on my bosom.”

“I promise, hard days will be easier”

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