It was Fast I Know

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You gave me the keys,
To the door I had closed
Which would lead me,
To trouble in some way.
I got high on your imperfect beauty,
And on the gentle rocking of the cradle.
You put me to bed,
Sang even while I slept.
You woke me up in the bitter mornings,
With the addictive sound of your ukulele.
You filled my day, even before the morning flowers blossomed,
Even when I wished you didn’t.
But then you left,
Leaving me to the friendly demons,
That cuddle me in my sleep,
And intoxicate my soul with a serene callousness .
It was fast I know,
I think you know too.
But does it not always happen,
In all those movies we watched
And still love with all our heart?
All seasons pass in an hour and a half.
Winter light that barely pierces the sky,
Heartening the blooms in the spring,
And your summer scent I cherished,
As autumn trees do when the leaves leave.
What can I say now.
That my world spun too fast?
Or the sun was too cold
And the moon too hot
And the stars too dull
In that fortuitous meeting with the girl who wrote?
Well, I know nothing about it.
And hope it remains in the ruins, smothered and silent.
But this, I know, and I know it for sure.
That I miss someone I don’t even know.
~Janitha Fernando~
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