Legend of the Jewel-serpent, Part 2, by J. W. Cassandra

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Legend of the Jewel-serpent, Part 2, by J. W. Cassandra

The warrior thanked for the guidance and the response and set off. On the way, it was beginning to rain, storm was tearing him, it was thundering-lightning cruelly, black lightnings alternated with red, purple, white lightnings… But the warrior, the girl’s brother, just kept going where he guessed the Rock of the Occident and the Magus of Occident. He couldn’t even imagine how to get there, in addition, the height of the clouds, and how to get the sack. As the dense darkness was scalloped by lightnings, he suddenly felt a huge, steep, slippy rock. But he couldn’t get up on it: as if he were trying to climb up a glass mountain. As he puzzled over what to do, the amber scale flashed up, all of a sudden. He pulled it out, and such a twilight glow flowed forth from it onto the rock, that split it in half, and the warrior found steps inside it, he had to climb up only to the peak, hiding in the height of the clouds. As he was striding, his feet kept slipping, the steps turned out to be too narrow, then too high, then they disappeared just to occur somewhere elsewhere… However, the amber scale restrained the steps with its amber fire, and the warrior, the brother of the Girl with Jug, finally ascended to the top of the cliff, to the height of the clouds.

Yes, but letting swing his legs from a cloud, the Magus of Occident was waiting there for him with a sneer…

„You don’t get the sack, warrior!”

The warrior did not answer. At the magician’s words, the wind filled the sack, it was to be feared that the mouth of the sack will come loose. Meanwhile, the sky turned mirky black, and mirky black night enveloped everything. Not even the lightnings zigzagged, star-extinguishing darkness fell upon everything. The warrior prayed to himself, and then the amber scale attracted the sack with its light.

„Open its mouth, look at it, warrior! Everything you find in it can be yours!”

The warrior was already on reaching out to the mouth of the sack, to loosen the cord, but the song of the bird, locked in the amber scale, stopped his hand:

„Do not loosen, warrior, sack of Occident,
Do not listen to deceitful Magus of Occident!
Carry it hurriedly to Orient, be of help to him!
Not the magus is that who guards your sibling!”

The bird’s song stopped him. Then Magus of Occident burst into song, as well:

„Loosen the sack of Occident hurriedly,
Do not listen to the song of a bird, silly!
Loosen it and get your prize of life then,
Follow till your death Magus of Occident!”

In that moment, the amber showed the reward: famine, diseases, pandemic, distress, passing… The warrior shuddered, he tightened well the cord at the mouth of the sack, and stumbled down the cliff as swift as the wind: he didn’t care about steps, he didn’t care about anything! Eventually he became conscious inside the rock: it closed on him, and he found no gap anywhere to escape. As he was searching for an egress, the amber scale helped him again: its light was projected on the rock, and the cliff opened just enough for the warrior to pass through it, and as soon as he slipped out to the light, it closed behind him immediately.

He was lost in wonder as he looked around: lush trees, winding paths, flowers, birds – there is life everywhere! And the light is neither the twilight cinder-light: life-giving rays of sun caressed everything. The warrior took a look at the sack to check it if he had it yet, and the amber scale as well, then he started to find his companion, who was setting off his way to Orient. He kept wandering a long time till he found him, for the Rock of the Occident was hidden in one nook of the Earth, while the secret of the Orient was waiting for the other warrior in the opposite nook of the Earth.

Meanwhile, the other warrior, namely the third, the Girl’s with Jug beloved, had been of yore moving toward Orient. He couldn’t imagine either, what to look for, but he moved steadily toward Orient. He had burst for a long time toward his destination over hedge and ditch, when in the dawn semidarkness some stretch of water glittered before his eyes. The sea! And in the sea as remote as sky, a rock was floating. It loomed to the height of the sky, its chasm suggested a deadly peril even from the distance.

The girl’s beloved one sat down on the seashore, pondering over what to do. Then a fish emerged from the water, snatched the ruby scale away from his hand, swallowed it, and dived. And the warrior could not believe his eyes: the water of the sea pulled apart where the fish was swimming with the ruby, and he could get across to the rock without getting wet. Yes, but now what’s next? As he was looking at the rock, the fish returned the ruby him and said, „You can climb this rock only if you get help! Rub the ruby scale, maybe that will help!”

„But what do I have to find there?”

„A sack guarded by the Magus of Orient that was hidden there by the Dragon King. You will find it, you’ll see it!” and the fish dived and disappeared in the sea. And the waves kept rising, tossing about, engulfing the warrior, it was to be feared that he will drown. Somehow, however, he managed to rub the ruby, and then a sparkle-winged bird, belted with flames, descended from on high. The bird took him on its back, and rose with him to the aurora of the Oriental celestial heaven, to the peak of the cliff where the sack was swinging…

And the Magus of Orient himself was sitting there on a purple edge of a cloud of the Orient. He sneered at him, encouraging him so, „Well, warrior, get down the sack!”

The warrior reached for it, too, but the sack burst into flame. Then the sparks sparkled on him, they flared into a flame-storm, and raked out the fire of the sack, then they burnt out, and the little sack was just like as before, again… And, what a wonder! There wasn’t hurt even a hair of the warrior’s head, neither the flames caught at him!

The warrior got down the sack, and at this moment, he heard from somewhere the Magus of Orient again, though he didn’t see him, „Open the sack, you will possess the greatest treasure that only exists in the world!”

But the warrior hesitated. The Magus of Orient then burst into a song:

„Loosen the sack of Orient,
Create its marvel with its treas!
Get the reward of your life and loosen,
Follow till your death, Magus of Orient!”

He would have just reached for it when the bird of the amber scale – because the warrior flew there on its back – stopped him by its song:

„Do not loosen, warrior, sack of Orient,
Do not listen to deceitful Magus of Orient!
Carry it to help your beloved, hurry!
It’s her brother who waits for you at the sea!”

The warrior became conscious of the bird’s song, he tautened the cord around the mouth of the sack, then he sprang onto the bird’s back, and it was descending with him just on the seashore. There, the Brother of the Girl with Jug was indeed waiting for him, and after both telling each other what had happened to them, the amber and ruby scales flew them back to the river bank in a blink of an eye, to the very spot, where they had left from. There they found then their third companion, dead. Because during the epoch of dragons, time passed differently than in our days, and what has been going on for centuries, could have been destroyed by a single moment enclosed in an inclusion. Or the veil of the moment preserved past events and the beings, earth, everything, belonging to them. And in the moment enclosed in an inclusion, the tiny jewel serpent and the Girl with Jug were waiting for them.

The little serpent took the sacks of Occident and Orient from the staring agape warriors. They could have been lost in wonder, indeed! Because the little jewel serpent shuddered and suddenly transformed: nothing else towered over them but the Dragon King himself! Brilliance of his crown blinded the warriors, and the fiery light of his diamonds glazed them, glazing the Girl with Jug, as well, and the warriors became seven times braver and stronger, and the Girl with Jug was even seven times more beautiful and better, even though she had been admired by people before, either. And in her hair, the emerald shone, the gift of the tiny jewel serpent, like a living fire. Then, from the sight of the miraculous transformation, they were got round by the words of the Dragon King, „You’re all lucky to manage to find the sacks by being ignorant all along. And even more fortunate you all are to have carried them safe and sound! Because if any of you had solved the mouth of any of the sacks, you would have brought the most powerful misfortune both to yourselves and to the Earth! Occident sack is the sack of the bewitching, the black magic that brings death, strife, war, disease, famine, thirst to people. Orient sack is the bearer of the salve, of the new dawn, hope, purity, love, prosperity, abundance. But he whose heart is full of vices, and is tempted by the Magus of Orient, therefore he opens the sack, he dies with deadly death! Because he’s unworthy of what he sees. He who resists temptation is worthy. The two sacks together are the treasury of all the knowledge, wisdom, magic and glamour of dragons. It hides treasures, if the Moon Fairy, charming by silver light casts her silver line of sight on it, at full moon!”

As he was speaking, the Moon Fairy cast her silver line of sight on the Orient sack then on the Occident sack, and since the moment of the third full moon, designated by the little jewel serpent, lasted – which was the magic number of the execution of the moon charm at that time – the warriors with the girl became eyewitnesses of miraculous events! From the flames, flaring of the amber scale, the Phoenix soared, whose song opened the new epoch guarded by the wise Dragon King…

The Girl with Jug wedded her beloved, and her brother married the girl who had been waiting for him heart-broken all the time, and they lived on from that moment till the end of their lives in love, abundance, health, and well-being. The house of the Girl with Jug was blessed indeed, and their offsprings became the first people of the new epoch…

The Phoenix and the Dragon King later disappeared to another Earth from here, and the dragons followed them because they cannot exist without a king, and who can be the Dragon King of them, is enclosed by secrets up till now…

It is also said all over the Earth, where the fires of legends are layed, fed, and passed on to each other, that the tiny jewel serpent, namely, this wise Dragon King of legends, was the wisest of all dragon kings, the most powerful, because only he had the idea of entrusting in a sack all that is the spoiler of life, to the Magus of Occient and in the other one all that may bring salve, but prematurely, it also destroys merely. Because only the Moon Fairy could help people for the two sacks could unite and bring the new epoch. And together with it, the sacks could bring the germs of the new humans, who will someday find in their hearts and minds the wise knowledge of the mighty Dragon King, and then the true dawn may finally prime. The fires, which are the fires of legends, with this promise flare up every night in the sky all over the world. And the Phoenix and the Dragon King will return when this real dawn primes…

Because these people are the Girl’s with Jug offsprings who live here among us and preserve the legends so that they can pass it on to those who hope for the splitting of the true dawn…


Written: 13/08. 2020., J. W. Cassandra
Translated: 27/08. 2020., J. W. Cassandra

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J. W. Cassandra

About the Author: J. W. Cassandra

I’m a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I love forests, butterflies, flowers.


  1. I wish this story was accompanied by some images of the three men and the girl with jug, or them completing the missions. And if it had some headings/sub-headings, it wouldn’t have been a one long read. But a beautiful story straight from the lands of fairy tales. ❤️💛💚

    1. I didn’ think at all to accompany my story with images of the characters, sorry. Maybe, in my next tales, legends I will do so. And I’ll try to paste some sub-headings in them. Since I will share yet more of them just a bit later. But, I’m happy that despite of these difficulties, you like my fairy tale. 🙏 😊

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