Parallel Worlds

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Parallel World Story
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Parallel Worlds, by J. W. Cassandra

Once, when I was a child I would have liked eagerly to be a leading actor of unusual and happening to nobody else, events. Later – as everybody else – I forgot it and have lived my life. But for today, I have got such finds that, may bring to fruition this very old desire.

Public Summons

Everybody has read or heard of travels through the hyperspace, space jump, voyages to another solar systems. All these are but, ordinary reality of our today world.

But now I discovered such things by the aid of that we can execute the hyperspace jump without a spaceship or any other outer appliance.

One thing is certain: if we execute the jump without appliances then, our physical bodies remain here in this world without us and, they need some kind of preserving for, in returning, we could move into them again and that they wouldn’t suffer any harm during this time.

One method of this may be the hibernation that rates entirely ordinary in our society.

Then, what is the essence of the discovery?

The core is based on that the physicists discovered: if we observe the atom, it cannot be said about any of them ever, that they reside in a certain place in the space since, the space is relative, as well. The atom practically, can reside in two places at the same time even, that cannot be said in case of an object, plant, animal or human. But, if the atom can reside even in two places at the same time, then it is being proved that this world is only an illusion since, it is maintained only by the flow of energy.

If our world looks like a string and beside it infinite number of – or even determined by number – „strings” exist that is, worlds exist like ours or different from it then, theoretically, our atoms „can go through even there” at some kind of contact points, what is more, they are there and here at the same time – that is, we exist in the other worlds, as well, only this has been remained unnoticed for us so far.

May not be deceived anybody by the hyperspace jump: it is sure that we all met in the other, outer world somebody who is familiar us, from this world there. It is a known and a common thing that our „copies” exist in the other worlds, as well. Well, why wouldn’t we visit our other „self” in an arbitrary parallel world? The possibility is given, it is only having been tried!

It’s way is the following: our bodies should be hibernated for this „travel” without appliances and, while the process is taking place, we have to find the „transitory slits” inside, during concentration. This takes place so, that we have to pay our attention to the flow of energy that composes us and the permanent undulation

of it. Points of interference and points of wipe-out of the opposing waves are those points through that, we can „step through” into some our selves, existing in one of the parallel worlds and being connected to our selves from here, while our bodies are going through hibernation. Hibernation must be adjusted for a specified period, after its expiring our bodies wake up here and, we for this time, return from some parallel world and we can tell about our experiences in an other world.

How can we adjust to return at the pretty right time? There is an internal clock that can be tuned for this time and, since our selves are one and the same, this certain self can bring us back in time to this place, we only change our bodies for a while with our another self, existing in an other world.

If you would like to participate in the experiment, please, apply for the address of foundation „Hiperspace Travel without an Appliance”!

„Dear applicants, you all are qualified for the experiment. Well, by the aid of technicians we’ll start your hibernation after two days, exactly at 8:00 a. m. Please, verify our clocks! I will travel with you, as well, we will arrive together to the world signed XLCHR471/d and, we’ll leave off it exactly after a week, at 8:00 a. m., for returning again here and for giving an account of our experiences. I’m proud of having the opportunity to lead such an enthusiastic, great group through this pioneer experiment! In the world signed XLCHR471/d we will meet each other on the proper place for specifying our yonder standpoints of observation. The way of travelling through and returning everybody knows…

Automatic voice:

„Countdown:…four, three, two, one, zero…

Hibernation sets in… — hibernation is started… — hibernation is in progress… — hibernation duration: ten hours, you have time for executing the hyper jamp… — last phase of hibernation — do the jump now… — last phase of hibernation is finished…”

„Heavens! Where am I? What’s happening to me? Let me think! This is not my house! Or is it, however? Oh, I have just jumped, of course, I lead the experiment of inner hyper space jump, I have a week for gaining experiences… I have to go to the experiment center right now, to see, how many people has arrived of the experimentees… Oh, my God! Why I fall down every time as I’m springing up? Why can’t I go away? Since, this is my yard! I speak to my wife… Goodness, what kind of sound is this again?!”

„Johnny, please, go and look at what’s the matter with the dog!”

„Just a minute.”

From outside:

„Come here, my darling! Watch this dog! Whether what is he barking so desperately? And why is he tugging his chain like berserk? All right, my little puppy, don’t bark! Relax, my little dog, all right. I’ll bring at once you some bones, you like them, though. Then I’ll go to the experiment center, I’ll start the experimental jump with the candidates. Now then, where I did take my keys? Of course, you don’t understand this, I just tell it though, well, I’m a man of moods.

All right, behold, here is the key! Then I’m even going… Why are you springing, why are you yowling so desperately? Oh, yes, your bone. Here it is, eat it, my little puppy!… Don’t you eat? Are you ill, anyway? What’s the matter? You poor my little puppy, you cute, relax, relax…”

„Oh, my God! This is me! That is, it is the not-me! It’s me who should go to the center, not you! What are these yowl, rattle, bark? Where they come from? Goodness! Not really!… I am my own dog! It’s impossible! Now, what next? How will I get to my original body? And what the rest of us will do? Don’t go, don’t go, I have to prevent you from going there!

Roar… The chain! Now I know! By no means, bone! I’m a human! Roar…”

„Well, why are you pulling my trousers? My little puppy, don’t play! Let me go! Good, boy, all right. At last! Darling, I’ll come today late, don’t wait for me! Don’t yowl, Boomer! Chill out, crazy dog, what’s amiss with you?! Now I go to work, I’ll be back later!”

„You will come, even! «Crazy dog?!» I’m a human! I am you! You cannot leave! Turn me back! Bring me back to my original body! You cannot leave me here just so!”

Roar… He left. I wonder what happened to the others? Where they arrived to and how will they return home? Let’s consider, how should I return?… Goodness Habakkuk! I forgot… it must come to my mind since, I have known it so far!

Roar… How should I return? Roar… How should I return? Roar… How should I return?
Roar… What is that ’return’? Roar… Where to? And why? Roar…”

Next day:

„My owner came! There’s no greater happiness than to lick his hand, just would he remember that I like not the leftover and green meet, bone but, delicious meals, cocoa, milk, bouilli, roast meat, just as he himself… Of course, how could he guess it? This dog-self overshadows everything in me, I withstand in vain…”

„Well, I see, you took it easy, my little puppy! Good boy, all right! And now I say goodbye to you for a longer term then, after a week I’ll return!…”


Written: 02/12. 2004., by J. W. Cassandra

Translated: 11/03. 2020., by J. W. Cassandra

Parallel World Story
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J. W. Cassandra

About the Author: J. W. Cassandra

I’m a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I love forests, butterflies, flowers.

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