The Black Battle, by J. W. Cassandra

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Along the way of the stars

Once upon a time, in the distant, obscure past, there was a time when dragons populated the Earth. No one knows exactly when this had happened exactly, but legends are said of them among all the people who have ever met them.

The people came to Earth after the dragons, by favour of the Heavenly Father, and they got their names by their path or star, because even if we know their ancestors, as in the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk, they have ever come to Earth through the stars.

Dragons’ Folk

These peoples were called the Dragons’ Folk, but they did not speak one language, because where they came from, they formed separate people. Not only their language was different, but also their knowledge and way of life; they later even separated on Earth. However, the spirit that connected them, and the knowledge of dragons were common. Because of this, their culture was originally very similar to each other.

Each of these people knew the knowledge and power of the dragons, and was a good connoisseur of it. A true cult of teaching, healing, benevolent dragons emerged among them. It was an honor when a good dragon chose one of them to teach him something special or to live with a girl.

These people were short, thin, sinewy, strong, of pale complexion people whose almond shaped eyes could guess everyone’s secret intentions. Their cheekbones were slightly high, some were even wide. Their hair was mostly dark, straight. Women were fragile, but tough, and had endured trials extremely well together with men. Every member of each folk has already been cradled in heavenly knowledge. Thus, they were able to do many things that the people after the great destruction, the Golden Age, weren’t. They learned anything very quickly, they were skillful, strong, and unimaginably brave. Because they knew the dragons, they were not afraid of them.

The Separation

All folk, including people separated from heaven, lived together for a long, long time on what is called the Dragons’ Land nowadays. At that time, this region was extremely rich in waters, high mountains were rising on it, flat plains were found, where animals could be grazed, and everything they needed grew.

This had happened until the evil dragons arrived. Then the soil died of their poisonous breath, the pastures burned out of their scorching fire, and on people famine occured. Not only on ordinary people after the Golden Age, but also on Dragons’ Folk descended to this land later. Therefore, they decided to separate and to look for an area for themselves that could support them. Thus the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk winded up to the east, to the land that is still called the Land of the Orient Aurora’s, the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors Folk to the land known today as the Land of the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors; the Great Bear’s Warrior Folk in that area, what we know today as the Great Bear’s Warrior Folk’s Land, and the Little Bear’s Warrior Folk migrated all the way east, to the peaks of the mountains, where the first rays of the rising sun greet the new day on the mountain wreath.

Each of them settled in an area of the will of the Heavenly Father, on the one hand, in which he could protect ignorant people from evil dragons, and on the other hand, in which, during the Golden Age, special spots that connected the Earth with heaven existed.

One of these lands is primarily the Land of today’s Orient Aurora’s, the other is the Land of the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors, and the third is the Land of the Great Bear’s Warriors. And the area of connection to traditions became the Land of the Little Bear’s Warriors on the globe.

Creators of Peace

How did these areas change, how did these people develop?

The Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk chose and continues to follow the heavenly spirit of the waters, the heavenly spirit of the dragons. They can combat evil dragons the most effective way, connecting celestial methods of battle with earthly ones.

The benevolent dragons moved under the water and into the caves in their new homeland, cultivating a ceremonial relationship with these people as their subjects until the evil dragons defeated the benevolent dragons. These folk remained loyal to them and they still respect the dragons to this day. While the good dragons were still helping them against the wicked ones, the emperor, the Son of Heaven, or the Son of the Eastern Sun, ruled his people with the help of benevolent dragons. After their disappearance, the people maintained contact with their spirits, and with the help of a warrior layer it became the most effective enemy against the evil dragons. They were the ones who, thanks to the Heavenly Father, prevented ignorant people who had fallen into darkness from devastation, and those who had created peace.

Depositors of Heavenly Knowledge

The earthly warriors of this peace were the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors who, under the leadership of their ruler, the khan, swept through all the territories ruled by evil dragons as dreadful warriors, terrorizing them, for they had become formidable warriors in the field of earthly battles. The Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors of the old know so, that the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk grew out of the dragon tooth vegetation of good dragons and turned into human in order to help the simple, ignorant people of the Earth, and the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors’ Folk emerged from the allotment of dragon claws, so their healers and warriors became legendary. The Little Bear’s Warrior Folk and that of the Little Bear arose from the breath of dragon fire, so their members are irascible, running through the enemy like fire, destroying everything, and there is no enemy who can stand in front of them. All dragon folk, however, guard the Heavenly Knowledge, and their shamans were famous worldwide for this. Heavenly Knowledge will remain in them until the end of time, for it cannot be destroyed from them while the world is the world.

They ensure the renewal on the Earth, and the new heavenly folk can become from them in every new era. These four folk can only be separated from heaven and destroyed, according to the predictions of the good dragons, if they refuse their essence. But this cannot happen, because the Heavenly Father opposes doing them so.

The Black Battle

The Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors’ new homeland became a favorite nest of dragons after the arrival of evil dragons, and the caves of the mountains served as their dwellings.

The Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors’ Folk arose, sprung up from the sowing of dragon claws, wandered around this place, inhabited in tents and kept animals. No one could escape their fearsome bows, no one could rival the power of their shamans. Their land, however, is the witness of the most terrifying battle of the time of legends: it was here that the cutthroat battle between benevolent and evil dragons took place against each other. The Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors led by the shamans, did their bit of the battle on the side of the benevolent dragons, even the women joined them. But when the will of the two dragons’ hosts clashed, even the fearsome warriors all hid where they could: they withdrew into the mountains until the dragon cry subsided until the host of evil spirits retreated. After that, the shamans took the lead and they defended themselves with their help. Under the leadership of the khan, they fought several battles against them in which they were defeated, but then there was an occasion when the evil dragons all fastened and prevailed over them. The Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors still refer to this day as the Black Battle, for the men perished without exception, and the shamans could do nothing. The poison of the dragon claws permeated both the leader of the shamans and the other shamans as well, and they were dying. So they would have tried in vain to do anything.

The Little Child

Then, when the destruction was complete, a child who was very small, but whose heavenly power surpassed all the power of the evil dragons in the aggregate, and stepping to the strongest shaman, looking into his eyes, said:

„It is time for you all by the will of the Heavenly Father, to renew! Use my power, the Heavenly Father sent me for this reason!”

In his hand he held a golden dragon statuette, which hid the antidote of dragon claws and the celestial power necessary to defeat dragons. With the statue, he smoothed the shaman’s forehead, and he took over the power of the statue, defeated the poison of dragon claws, cast the claws out of his body, and then the wounds closed on their own. And the little child suddenly turned into a celestial breeze, which increased the shaman’s power.

The Power of the Golden Dragon Statuette

And the shaman walked the battlefield with the statuette, and without exception he smoothed the foreheads of all fallen warriors and shamans with it. The heros opened their eyes to the world in amazement again, and became even stronger and more skillful than they had been before. The shamans learned many new things from the remaining benevolent dragons, whose hiding place they were led by the leading shaman using the statue, and they did much good later with the ordinary people, whose guarding from then on became their task. And the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors continued to wander to find new pastures, and their men became dreadful warriors led by the khan to new and new battles.

Creating Peace on Earth

Wandering east, the Little Bear’s Warrior Folk, first of all preserved the heavenly way of fighting dragons, and wherever they wandered in search of a new homeland, they bravehearted cleansed the earth from evil dragons. They insisted on their heavenly customs and objects of common origin, yet as the Dragons’ Folk, and preserved this celestial origin in their daily lives.

The wise and benevolent Dragon King of the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk, whose palace was built under the water of a lake, still lives in the memory of this people, and the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors’ Folk believe that the little child who brought their heroes to life with the golden statuette was the son of the Dragon King in human form. After the great dragon battle, they began to make golden dragon statues, and the sons of the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk made kites and developed the dragon fighting style, which still lives among them even today. The dragon was also included in the cycle of the years, and it also became a symbol of the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk. The sons of the Great Bear’s Warrior Folk preserve in their tales the memory of dragons, which are very, very similar to the tales of other dragon folk, and they bear their origins inculcated in their souls. These people preserve the common past primarily in their tales.

Their role was slightly different, but still the same in the devastation after the Golden Age: the creation of peace on Earth.

All Folk Envied the Dragons’ Folk

All people envied the Dragons’ Folk in the long past, and would have been proud if they had counted among its members. However, this was impossible, because their birth did not allow it, and there was a reason for this, which the Heavenly Father deemed advisable to hide.

The Dragons’ Folk made possible the evil dragons not to exist on Earth in the form of dragon snakes or lizards, but in the form of humans. Thus, the struggle against them became entirely celestial, and the task remained primarily for the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk, but the remnants of the other, simple people who had once sinned in the Golden Age were thus able to begin to develop.

And the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors, the Great Bear’s Warrior Folk and the Little Bear’s Warrior Folk will be able to fight again in alliance with the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk when its time comes, but it is still ahead of us in the far future…

05/03/2004., J. W. Cassandra

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J. W. Cassandra

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I am a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I write from my childhood, in different genres: fantasies, poems, short stories.

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