Alliance of Red Dragon Warrior and Black Dragonheart, by J. W. Cassandra

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Conference of the Evil

At the time fading in the haze of the past that preceded the appearance of modern people, and what is veiled in the gloom of human memory, after the appearance of Red Dragon Warrior, evil dragons from every corner of the Earth gathered to take counsel. And the conference was convened at the Rock Cave of the Four Rivers, it was proclaimed there to play a trick on the Four Rivers’ Dragon.

But their intentions have misfired: the sage of the sages, the Four Rivers’ Dragon settled into the Rock Cave of the Four Rivers, and when the evil dragons arrived rumbling and roaring – whose black souls were shown by the black scales on their exteriors – he pushed his head out through the cave throat:

„The place is already occupied! It is unfit for further taking counsel because of continuing education…”, and he blew a burst of flame towards them, which scorched the black scales on their bodies, and from then on the bodies of the evil dragons were covered with black scales with red-glowing edges from head to toe.

On the Shore of the Ocean

The evil dragons were in a fright with the Four Rivers’ Dragon and they could be convinced that he was telling the truth: the good dragons were already preparing to land, descending towards the cave throat, and meaning a superior force to them with the Four Rivers’ Dragon. Therefore, they turned around in the air, flew to the ocean to cool their scorched scales, and finally took counsel on the shores of the ocean. They puzzled their brains for a long time about what would be the best to fling against a Red Dragon Warrior, at last they decided to create an opponent who would be worthy and able to defeat him, because then they would not be forced to share their forces between humans, good dragons, and their warrior.

Black Dragonheart Comes to Life

As they decided, they acted, their black dragon blood poured drop by drop slowly onto a round, even cobble on which they had previously placed dragon claws and scales, coated them with a dragon flame, and from the glowing substance a valiant was formed: his body was covered with armour of black dragon scales, the edges of the scales glowed red like fire, the same greaves on his feet, a dragon helmet on his head, a belt decorated with dragon claws at his waist, on the buckle of which a black dragon’s heart darkened, and which glowed red during combat, like fire. This gave him strength and knowledge, and by it he was named the Black Dragonheart. Black Dragonheart was instantly able to fight in all kinds of combat, just like Red Dragon Warrior when he was created, and he possessed all the fighting techniques, all the ins and outs of dealing with weapons.

Uninvited guest

When the dragon fire was extinct, and in its place stood Black Dragon Heart, the air suddenly glowed red, scattering its red sparks in a circle, and casting flames, attacking with all kinds of weapons at the same time, and scowling his eyebrows, the Red Dragon Warrior appeared. He immediately fired on Black Dragon Heart, who was unprepared for the attack, and without waiting for his opponent to wake up, he broke in upon the evil dragons like a tempest. Then, when all the evil dragons, and Black Dragonheart, were lying in a pool of blood, he said to them:

„You have to tread on the snake’s head until it attacks!” – with that, in a burst of red flames that shot around in all directions, he disappeared.

Offended Pride

And Black Dragon Heart vowed a terrible vengeance, which its creators, the evil dragons, only continued to instigate in their offended pride. From then on, Black Dragonheart attacked Red Dragon Warrior in the most unexpected situations and moments, and their fierce fight has been taken ceaselessly. Once Red Dragon Warrior then Black Dragonheart triumphed, they fought with weapons, with all their kinds; they fought against each other having the battle of wits, straining their will against each other; they struggled in their wake and sleep, and they struggled in all worlds at the same time. But wherever, with whatever weapon or manner, they fell for each other, good fortune once sided with one, sometimes smiling at the other, for behind both of them there was hiding the strength, knowledge, and support of their creators, the benevolent and the evil dragons, and just as the dragons could not defeat each other once and for all, neither could the valiants.

Fraudulent Wile

Then Red Dragon Warrior disappeared from Black Dragonheart’s sight for seven full years, and when he reappeared, he now had a family: he knew his wife Orient Aurora by his side.

Black Dragonheart fell in love with Orient Aurora because she was as beautiful as he could only dream of at most: her steps as light as the spring breeze, her laughter like the soft jingle of bells, and Black Dragonheart hatched an evil plot.

One fine day he put on himself Red Dragon Warrior’s figure and features, appeared before Orient Aurora, and said:

„Hurry up, get your clothes, your weapons, and come, because Black Dragonheart is preparing to attack you, he wants to kidnap you so he can defeat me…”

Orient Aurora hurriedly bundled together her weapons, some clothes, and clung to the arms of the one she thought was her husband.

And he disappeared with her from their hiding place, and brought her to a place of which only dragons knew: behind the moon is hidden a little star which is not visible from Earth, and is rather far from here, and there he flew with her.

To Win a Heart is Difficult

Black Dragonheart used all his abilities to win Orient Aurora’s heart, because she had already realized his identity as she flew: from under the red dragon armour, accidentally the black dragon scales with glowing red edges appeared through, which led her to a clue. She tried to get rid of her abductor, but he magically tied her to himself, and she couldn’t do anything. On the little star she awaited all kinds of conceivable comforts: richly furnished dwellings, food and drink, comfort, abundance. But Orient Aurora wasn’t interested neither in comfort, abundance, nor Black Dragon Heart’s reverence, nor love: she wanted to return home to Red Dragon Warrior. For this reason, she stayed as cold as stone, and as silent as fish, and kept finding out her kidnapper’s secret: how could she overcome him and return to Earth to her husband.

Black Dragonheart endured this for a while, but suddenly he caught himself in evil tempers, chaining Eastern Dawn into chains, starving her, tormenting her to see if he could achieve his aim and marry her…

Empty Lodge

Meanwhile, Red Dragon Warrior had returned home, and an empty dwelling awaited him: there is no trace of Orient Aurora, of her weapons, of her clothes. First of all, he observed everything carefully, and realized that Black Dragonheart had gone there, and he deceived Orient Aurora, and he kidnapped her.

His heart ached at the thought of what could be her beloved wife, so he set out in search of her. He sought out the Four Rivers’ Dragon, the Oldest, and he swept along the land, the seas, the depths of the oceans, the deserts and mountains, the caves, the depths of the gorges, the interior of the earth, the depths of the fire, and finally the air, but nowhere did he find any trace of Orient Aurora.

„I don’t know where your wife can be, oh, Red Dragon Warrior! But we’ll call the council together to see if anyone has seen her…”

„I’ve been seeking out everything myself, Four Rivers’ Dragon, I only turned to you afterwards because I knew that if you couldn’t help me, then no one could!” Red Dragon Warrior sighed.

Emerald Dragon’s Help

But the Eldest had already sent out his call to the benevolent dragons, and they had just arrived there: they were descending one after the other.

When all the good dragons were together, the Oldest told what had happened. Then the tiniest, most tiny dragon, who was like an emerald jewel, and who was called the Emerald Dragon, said:

„If I saw correctly, Black Dragonheart turned to the Star of Transformation in your shape with Orient Aurora. But I wasn’t really paying attention, I’m not sure…”

„Thank you! If I may ask you, help me to get Orient Aurora back, for it will break my heart in sorrow if I lose her!”

And so some of the benevolent dragons became invisible, escorting Red Dragon Warrior beyond the far side of the Moon toward the Star of Transformation shining in the distance.

The Spirit of the Star

While all this was taking place, Orient Aurora, chained, lay dormant, and in her dream she saw the spirit of the star addressing her:

Orient Aurora, don’t be afraid, persevere in, and you’ll see, everything turns out good!” She encouraged the girl with a smile. „All evil tempers change here, and all benevolent feelings remain, for this place, my star, is the Star of Transformation. Black Dragonheart will become tame, and you don’t have to fear him. Your husband will also find you, because he has already gone in search of you. Just be steadfast!”

Miraculous power

Orient Aurora woke up and felt her husband approaching. So she drew strength from the words of the spirit of her dream, and when Black Dragonheart returned to force her to marry him, she persisted with Red Dragon Warrior. And that love she felt for her husband drew a cloud around her, not letting Black Dragonheart touch her even with a finger. Then it made its way into the armour of black dragon scales glowing in the red fire, and from there into Black Dragonheart’s heart, transforming him with the help of the Star of Transformation. Black Dragonheart shook, he cried, realizing his former wickedness, and then fell to his knees in front of the girl, begging for her forgiveness. His repentance moved the girl, who thus forgave him, and the transformed valiant had just freed Orient Aurora from her chains when Red Dragon Warrior arrived with his invisible dragon escort.

Blood Brotherhood

The repentance that Black Dragon Heart felt was so apparently real and profound that even Red Dragon Warrior forgave his enemy, all the more so since, after all, he had not hurt his adored wife, and they had made a covenant. Their blood was an eternal seal on their fraternal alliance, and from then on, Black Dragon Heart defended Orient Aurora as his sister and fought as her brother on the side of Red Dragon Warrior.

Sunset of Evil Dragons

Their alliance meant the sunset of the evil dragons on Earth, to which they returned, as Black Dragonheart knew all the intricacies of evil, and they allied with Red Dragon Warrior to defeat the tormentors of men.

From then on, peace was maintained so that evil dragons moved into the people, but this was already after the battles of the Dragons’ Folk had subsided, who, together with Orient Aurora, kept Red Dragon Warrior and Black Dragonheart in their hearts and have kept them ever since as the sons of their worthy descendants, the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors, the Orient Aurora’s Ray’s Folk, the Little Bear’s Warrior Folk and the Great Bear’s Warrior Folk.

And Red Dragon Warrior and Black Dragonheart rise from the constellation Gemini over and over again when their alliance and fighting skills are needed on Earth against evil.


Written: 15 / 07. 2009., by J. W. Cassandra
Translated: 21 / 08. 2022., by J. W Cassandra

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