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science fiction story boxer
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The Boxer
by J. W. Cassandra

The Welcome

“Welcome to the Land of Boxers, oh, Spacer!”

“Well, a skilled Boxer?”

“Skilled or fictive, it depends on you, Spacer…” [2]

“Then may explain what you mean by boxer, if you don’t mind the request!”

“Well, this is not the first time I meet spacers. When I had the honour to meet one of your companions, he called me so since, I live with my companions as an earthling in a flat or a house instead of the infinity, that of spacious space of the planet and, these houses are like narrow boxes… And he dealt me therefore, with endless disdain. But, this planet belongs to the earthlings because of this, I repeat: Welcome to the Land of Boxers!”

“And, what do you do if I come with harmful intent?”

“I pretend, oh, Spacer, that you’re guided by friendly intention to the land of the earthlings so, we’ll really develop friendly terms.”

“And what if I upset this premise? If I cross your foolish will and I destroy you with your box, your land?”

“This is improbable, oh, Spacer! As you see, I didn’t run away panic-struck, I don’t gun neither on you, nor on your spaceship, what is more, even you don’t attack me by any space-gun, that cannot be deactivated by any way on the Earth… According to statistics, anyway, the probability of the case of being attacked an earthling by a spacer – and this is the sign of my honour since, I could even call you simply a UFO -, in this situation when, the latter’s premise is development of friendly connections between two specieses, is one to one billion that is, practically zero. And, I have greeted you as a friend. I repeat it again: Welcome to the land of earthlings, oh, Spacer! Please, honour me by expressing your friendly intention!”

“Now then, I’ve never had come into contact with such a boxer, although, I swear on the depths of the dark matter of the immortal space, through my life, immortal compared to that of an earthling, I’ve seen a lot, more than it could be told…”

These thoughts resounded as a music in the earthling’s head: he started to hope that the spacer or UFO will permit him to ascend to his spaceship and explain him all that he is interested in. For, the spaceship, shaping a saucer was flashing with its red lights behind the being.

But, the spacer didn’t seem so with his face without a mouth, with plateful eyes, thin arms as if he would wish anybody – mainly a boxer – to invite to his spaceship.

He kept standing, stared stirlessly at the standing before him, gross, bulky, disdained being and, disbelief came from him: what is this, some stupid joke?!

The Deal

And, the boxer – that is the human – kept standing in front of the spacer steadfast, overflowing the conviction that at last, everything will happen according to his premise.

After a while, seeming endless, a tiny amazement nestled in the spacer: what the hell of the dark matter of space is this? Thought-transference, telepathy, superiority, frightening appearance – everything is in vain! The boxer stands at the same place, the same way, imperturbably in front of him for endless time and, undiminished optimism, unflinching faith comes forth from him that he’ll be right at last… The spacer’s amazement is endless for now and this calls forth his fellows from the saucer since, would they travel anywhere in the endless space-time, they’ve never and nowhere experienced such a thing.

Wave of their curiosity brings round the spacer and he prevents them by a single unvisible wave, from stepping out, giving up their protected position. The boxer feels this wave as a breeze. He knows from this – mainly since, he’s experienced it earlier – that there are waiting more of them inside. He tells again: “Welcome all Spacers to the Land of the Boxers who honours this planet with their visit!”

The spacer doesn’t believe neither his eyes, nor his ears. His first question reaches the boxer’s mind spiced by his immense amazement, “How do you know that I arrived with companions?”

“Oh, Spacer, as you surely see by my behavior, this is not the first time that I meet spacers. According to statistics…”

“Enough of statistics! Tell what you did experience!”

“Well, as you wish! I live an enough long life compared to boxers: I’m 250 years old now and, as you surely see, you find me in pretty good health and strength. During this long life, I’ve experienced a lot and, several times, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet beings like you. In the beginning, their mere sight filled me with fear; of course, my fellows – who have been mouldering in their graves for a long time, yet – tried to put them flight by their guns, by efforts of merely no effect. Later, after more such meetings, your more peaceful-minded companions revealed to us, boxers, some knowledge of that, bound to the ground man, you call ’boxer’ would never suppose. And we, working diligently like a beaver, collected the information, arranged and used it – I’m the final result who have seen so far three saucers, similars to yours. But, this one I don’t know yet, so I ask you with honour to show it me. I’d like to see and to know everything: its construction, running, everything…”

The Spacer

“Who are you, actually?”, the spacer is astounded though, it’s not customary of him. “How do you dare to manifest yourself such an arrogant way?”

“I am what you see! If you see me as a boxer then, I’m a boxer. If you see me as a human, I’m a human…””Blackguard!”, he says surprising on how could at all such a thought come to his mind. „Don’t you fear that we destroy you as a reward for your self-conceit? It’s enough of me to think of you to perish and, you’ll be perished!”

“No, oh, Spacer! Once, your companions told me their origin: from motion of dark matter of space the light shot out, the stars came into existence, then at the end of their lives the explosion shot around particles of matter everywhere. These particles united together as spacers, whose minds guard the star-knowledge, relation of matter of it and, who roam as star-pilgrims in their space-ships in the dark abyss of the space ever since. They protect their bases constructed in the visible space, mentally, as you are contacting with me now. And they visit the star-nurseries, as the Land of the Boxers, as well… maybe, they’ll strike a wit similar of them since, then they will master their such features that help them to improve themselves. Since, nothing is perfect that takes on a form…”

“Who did this tell you?”

“Spacers having been here before you.”

“And what do you know, yet?”

“All that, they knew about a hundred years before.”

“Where did they come from?”

“From behind the constellation Cygnus, about from distance of six thousand light-years… I call them Knights of the Swan since, you surely know the Lohengrin-story of boxers…”

“Don’t waste my time with such a nonsense in vain!”

“As you wish! Where did you come from, oh, Spacer?”

“If we decide so, I’ll let you know about it!”

This moment, a tinkling, cheer voice resounds in both of their minds:

“Invite him to the spaceship! I’m eager to know of the boxers’ knowledge! Maybe, he can serve us an appreciable knowledge about these knights of the swan!”

The spacer seemed to hesitate for a moment then, he waved the boxer’s mind, “Step closer and follow me!”

Into the SpaceShip

Telling this, he went toward the space-ship, the door of that, invisible so far, opened and, a stage-like light emanated out of it in scarlet colours and, they stepped onto it then, it lifted them in the space-ship. The door closed hermetically and became invisible from outside at the same time, then all the space-ship was covered by greyish-blue, dense fog to hide it from searching eyes.

And the boxer followed the spacer and, he saw surprised that the interior of the spaceship is much more bigger than it would be supposed by its exterior. Anyway, he covered his surprise by the help of his other notions since, they communicated with each other by telepathy, and it wouldn’t have been lucky if he gave any sign of fallibility. However, these beings noticed this tiny flash, after all.

“Well, Boxer, so are you surprised?”, his guide’s question touched his mind.

“Oh, no, merely, my presupposition didn’t come true.”

“What did you suppose?”

“That I will be received in a narrow place where I can bump into everything…”

“Oh, just don’t you judge by your spaceships of your heroic age? When your astronauts travelled to the Moon and back lying, with no square foot space beyond the required movements?… We’re star-pilgrims, dive into the dark abyss of the space, our endless roaming is broken off for fugitive moments by a visit of a base, target or mother-base. Of course, we need room. This room is provided by space cities that, fly in the space and compose the mother-base of creatures, living on them, among others. It’s difficult to drive them, in addition, humans that is you, unfortunate creatures with rudimentary intellect, influenced by immoderation of feelings, never would it comprehend!”

“Enough!”, the leader’s voiceprint was vibrating, this time by a sonorous tone. “Guide the boxer to me!”

And the boxer found himself before an other spacer who, seemed somehow more fragile as the communicator and that of the guard-spacers who, surrounded him.

“I’d like to know everything from you that only you do know but, not by violence since, then the pieces of information mislead us. I recommend you a bargain, Boxer for that, you could see, even the spacers or UFO beings can be noble. According to my recommendation, you tell me what you do know: how many times, where, what kind of spacers have you met, where did they come from, how had the meetings taken place, what knowledge do you have due to them – in a word, all that only you know, please, give over to us! In return, I’ll show you our spaceship, open up for you its functional principle – as far as it’s possible – I’ll introduce you to our technology and, you’ll be able to learn to step across dimensions.”

“Thank you, oh, Spacer! As I see, you’re the leader. If you don’t mind, behind the technological knowledge, I’d like to know about you everything that only is possible.”

“That is, do you try to drive a hard bargain? You aren’t in that situation, Earthling, that you would make the conditions, would drive a hard bargain, would extort concessions – anyway, you do know it, don’t you?”

“I know, oh, Spacer, despite of this, I need this knowledge, as well… I ask it not existently: I’d like to improve the human species, that is the boxers since, this long life I was gifted with, serves this purpose.”

“Well, basicly, purpose of every intelligent being is the same. For this reason, I don’t mind, the important things we’ll share with you. But, your purpose may be only the improvement of the boxers! After leaving off, we’ll follow your activity and if you diverge even though a iota of this, we’ll return but, then with sanctions, not with peace!”

“All right, Spacer! I accept the condition. In return, I ask only one thing: if you want to put me through any kind of examination with your companions, please, foretell it me and, accept the result of the examination, don’t try to change it, anyway, I’m afraid of failing…”

“Well, let it be, though, the request is enough unusual.”

And in front of the boxer, a cosy chair appeared out of nowhere and, the spacer gestured him to sit down.

“Thank you but, I sit down only in that case, if you take a sit, as well.”


At that moment, a right seat slipped in front of the spacer and nestling, he started the interrogation:

First Meeting With A Spacer

“Well then, Boxer, how many times have you met spacers during your two-hundred-year long life?”

“Well, two hundred and fifty… Some twenty times.”

“It’s impossible, spacers don’t visit the boxers so frequently!”

“Yes, after all. In the beginning…”

“How many times did you meet hostile creatures among them?”

“Sixteen or approximately…”

“So, about at thirty two percents.”

“At fourty percents since, I’m two hundred fifty years old.”

“It’s irrelevant.”

“For me, it’s far too relevant.”

“How did you meet spacers of friendly emotion or that of neutral?”- the spacer made unprecedented the impertinent rectifying.

“I have been working on a space station for hundred sixty years already and, nearby it an airbase was established, the spacers of peaceful intention used to land there.”

“Were you alone?”

“Not in every case. Most of the cases alone. They achieved by their peculiar masking technics that, even a living soul wasn’t there near and far. Since, we have even watchdogs around the hangars, not to mention the armed guards but, in such cases nobody saw or heard anything in addition, even the most watchful dog was sleeping the dream of the righteous. However, I was vigilant…”

“Well, yes, this is the peculiar mind trick that is usual in this cases… Where these beings of peaceful intention come from?”

“As I mentioned, from behind the constellation Cygnus from a distance some six thousand light-years. According to them, they used the Cygnus X-1 as a basis point for calculating the spherical triangles. However, I didn’t understand that if the Cygnus X-1 is a black hole then, how it could serve as a basis point. But, they gave me the information that they flew not there, they used it only for their calculations. After all, I named them by this…”

“All right, let’s this leave for now. What were these beings like?”

“They were taller you, slim spacers of graceful movement: as if they were swimming or flying; their long necks were gracefully curved, their forms of head were longish, their arms and legs were thin; they communicated by telepathy that is, thought transfer. As for me, probability of not to communicate by telepathy that is, thought transfer spacers of any kind…”

“Stop! This is irrelevant! What are you? A statistician?”

“Not. A space technician. But, our space stations are rudimentary corps…”

“Clear… What was the Cygnus X-1 – let’s call them so – beings’ spaceship like?”

“The spaceship was saucer-like but armed with weapons exquisitely. And, there was some kind of research station on it.”

“Accordingly, you have been there.”

“Yes. I would mostly call their special room as a lab: it possessed equipment fit for bleeding, any kind of examinations, in addition, with creatures marked out for experimenting, aviation exploratory division.”

“Were you examined by them, as well?”

The Boxer Evolved

“Yes, oh, Spacer. They examined my entire physical body, both my emotional and mental intellects, my knowledge level, my problem-solving skills. A faint beam raked and scanned me, it pervaded me then, it visualized the final result as a combination of sequences of numbers and signs in the air that, was relayed from there by an other one, this second beam blew it on and, in the end, they reported me that I’m suitable for one of their experiment. Then they lifted me into a light-body that emitted lights of different colours rotating and, its shape kept changing what is more, I myself changed according to it. Sometimes, it was a brick figure, sometimes a sphere, a cone, a cylinder, frustum of a formation, pyramid, then lastly, one single point of light. And, when the point of light opened up, I was again myself that is, the renewed myself: even the shadow of fear disappeared from me, since then, the greatest unity of existence fills me, and as you see, I became able for this mental communication. And, in addition, I foreknow certain things, events, and if it’s necessary, I can intervene. If it’s not so, I let the events to happen alone. In most of cases, the last one used to happen…”

“Hm… What you told that happened really so since, I see the changes in your mind, the waves that come out from your brain. I can hear and see the pictures that had been driven in your brain as memories. On this level to lie is impossible. Therefore, mental abilities of spacers of peaceful intention had been interbreeded with that of yours. That’s why you didn’t fear, so it’s clear! More experiences, familiar with this one?”

The Second Meeting

“The Orion-beings… It had happened about sixty years before that, next to this place, the spaceship landed. The Orion-being was super-intelligent, but it was hard up for emotions and cold, as the dark streams of the space. Nevertheless, it knew everything. Its spaceship was divided up round sections, some floors of storied circles; if I remember well, it consisted of six floors. There were sections of smaller and larger sizes, that fit perfectly together: the section of the largest diameter was on the top and, the smallest one was at the bottom and they could retract into each other until, there had been visible an only wide disk that emitted light and flew spirally. But it could fly straight, as well. In the end, it disappeared in one point – or appeared and, in such cases it rotated round its own centre.”

“Yes, we know about them. What did happen on the meeting?”

“Well, they showed me the interior of the spaceship and, told me by telepathy that, I must be able after a while to conduct it. For this reason, I was given some kind of training in the control room. They’d returned more times and, I’ve learned the light-driven and the mind-controlled technics of space flight during more occasions. They transfused the knowledge into my mind if I can say so. Gradually, so as not to be embarrassing. From that time, in my dreams from time to time, I travel to the Orion on that spaceship.”

“And do you arrive there, even?”

“Sometimes. On such occasions, I’m given continuing education, if I can say so. But, such spaceship I’m not able to create.”

The Third Meeting

“That I see. No matter. Had you have any meeting with peaceful spacers, similar to this one?”

“This is the third one since, what could have been yet, failed.”

“What did happen?”

“The foresight guided me to the proper meeting point to the desert where, I was waiting for the spacers but, a convoy of corps on peeps went there right when the space-fortress began to land. They at once opened fire on the space-fortress that, returned the fire, as well. The light that sruck the convoy, was a swift, faint, barely visible by eyes flash yet, the entire convoy turned into vapour… Even the vehicles, the guns, everything. On its place a burnt out pit is yawning merely. It got into the secret military reports by the name „microwave-incident”, there’s no explanation on it even since then.”

“Don’t you fear, still?”

“No, I don’t since, the sense of unity surpasses the incidental fear. Unity exists even if it doesn’t exist seemingly…”

“Well, let’s pass philosophy, let’s be confined to the facts!”

“I can’t explain it even for myself. But, the flash of light avoided me, it didn’t extend to the spot where I was waiting. In addition, I was transferred from there in a minute then, back. Then there was waiting for me only the pit and the iridescent vapour cloud…Even the military intelligence couldn’t explain it ever since. And there happened yet…”


Eyes of the communicator blinked and, this wasn’t too promising.


“How is it possible that, you’ve experienced so much during two hundred years?” – he asks finally.

“Two hundred and fifty. Anyway, I don’t know. Can I tell the last one?”

“Let him to uncover his memories!” – the leader is intervening.

“The last one was the most peculiar. It appeared in the expected place and time: an entire city that flew, appeared suddenly from the nothing. Its enormous shape filled in the firmament, its splendour darkened the sun. It was descending down slowly and, it floated about three hundred meters above the ground. Then a beam was projected from it and, through it three spacers fell down to the ground. They weren’t too tall, merely three metres long creatures. They were more stubby giants as the most spacers. They called me closer by light signals. At a certain distance, the light ordered me to stop so, I stopped.

“What was this light like? By what did you know what this light wanted?”

“It was such a glare that my eyes hardly could endure it. But what was it like, I didn’t know more about it. It transferred its will somehow into my mind and, that changed in speech there or, at least, I felt so.”

“And what about the spacers?”

“They communicated by a mental way as, the others, or even you.”

“What happened when you stopped?”

“The glare scanned, transilluminated me then, it burnt in me something that I felt though, it caused no pain.”

“What was that?”

“Some kind of tangent-sight or something familiar. From it I recognized that they with the flying city are the guards of the development of civilisations not only on the Earth but, in other worlds, as well.”

“In detail?”

“They are the guards of the peace of the space, guards of changes. And they’re their controllers, as well. They follow some kind of cosmic plan, they maintain, get sooner or later certain civilisations to the end of their spiral cycle. They’re the Guards of the Cosmic Plan. They are sent from the centre that, is hidden. It is hidden by the dark matter of space but, I don’t know more exactly. There are other familiar beings who, sometimes attack these Guards. Imprint of their cosmic battles means rise and fall of civilisations here on Earth, that of open up of certain dimensions, close up of other ones in the space. But, I don’t know what law or rule this follows.”

“Yes, this is clear from the patterns of your brain. Have you seen such interspacer [1] battle, yet?”

“No, only that I’ve told you.”

“Well, now we’ll examine you through and, if we consider you appropriate then, we’ll transform and teach you certain knowledge.”

He Evolved Again

After this, the boxer found himself in the spaceship in a lab, that haven’t been manifested so far. Here he was lying on an examination table, to that some force nailed him on with an irresistible force then, the examination began. His consciousness had expired, like a candle flame in the wind and, when he regained his consciousness again, he was somewhat surprised to find that he had changed again. First of all, his state of mind has changed: he knew that, these spacers are the delegates of the Matrix. He knew that, in fact, the three-dimensional body he sees of them, is only a projection because, the real beings exist on the Matrix, namely in the Euclidean space, and the solid point searched for the philosophy, exists there, it is that guides them. “And, me too, already”, he thought. The notion arouse in him only a faint wonder but, it didn’t shatter him. He knew that these Matrix-beings keep together the pilgrims of the space, roaming all over the Galaxy; that, these beings control from the Matrix all the visible and that of unvisible world along with its all manifestations. And already, he himself became its participant… His mind joined in that of the Matrix-beings, the stars of the visible universe, the dark streams of the space, the time-space and the Matrix itself. In his mind, the colourful, bright kaleidoscope of the stars and symbols whirled that, exists as laws in the manifesting beings and, of all that the visible universe is composed of. Furthermore, his mind was enwrapped by pearly glimmering of the Matrix, it permeated him and took him into itself as the sea.


In that moment, he became aware of that the world changed irrevocably: it turned toward the state of peace, unity and, he himself is its repository. By the time, he thought it through, the spaceship disappeared with the spacers and, he took his road as the Pilgrim of the Infinity, to profess this knowledge all over.

Save the Earth….


His mind was composed of the stardust that, by their mysterious combination, symbols, the gripping development of the dream coming into existence from the Matrix with its charming beauty, have been made possible in him: till he lives as a boxer, till he steps as the Pilgrim of the Infinity, the world-vision keeps unfolding toward the perfection, as a dream. And if he awakes, he is the repository of the dark streams of the space, that of the visible universe, that of the stardust-dream and, the perfection.


Since, there ever exists somebody who, is given this privilege and what is more, his dream is the world…


[1] Based on Asimov’s novelstream where he calls the beings of space, the earlier earthlings ’spacer’, I made the expression ’boxer’ with meaning of resident of a ’box’ that is, house or flat. It has nothing to do with box fighting or a box fighter. At the same time, I use the word-play: spacer – boxer ; of course, ’spacer’ here means ’alien’.

[2] Word-play: ’skilled’ in Hungarian is said ’képzett’, it sounds almost the same as equivalent of ’fictive’ that is, ’képzelt’.

Written: 25/02. 2020., by J. W. Cassandra

Translated: 23/03. 2020., by J. W. Cassandra

To read the hungarian version, click here.

science fiction story boxer
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J. W. Cassandra

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