The Foremother’s Mirror, detail, by J. W. Cassandra

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If you have nothing but your dreams, then pen them: writing is the magic itself that helps the dreams and miracles to come true.

The Foremother’s Mirror, by J. W. Cassandra

The Handy Young Man the Furniture Maker Master Craftsman

Once upon, in the obscurity of time, there lived a handy young man who learned the craft of furniture making, just as his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and all his ancestors had already lived from this craft. He yet in his young age became a master craftsman of furniture making.

One fine day, he opened his workshop and was flooded with so many orders that in a very short time he could indenture apprentices and journeymen: he was a glutton for work, he created file cabinets, chests, commodes, wardrobes, armoires, each one more beautiful than the other. Whatever furniture was asked of him, he created it breathtakingly beautiful: fame for the work of his hands ran far and wide. This furniture maker always kept whistling when he was working: planing, drilling-sculpting, putting joints together, painting, grinding, or polishing or lacquering beams – a sharp whistle reported to people passing by, that he was working.

The Visionary Girl’s Portrait

One fine day, he realized that he was fed up with his mother’s cooking, and he decided to take a wife unto himself. His money was so much that he couldn’t even count, so he painted a portrait: the girl she had painted, was ornate in stature, looked proudly at the world from beneath her thick crown of hair, light of her gaze was reflected by the coral swaying around her neck like the river reflects the blaze of a night star. Her red high-heel shoes appealed to many people. Her starry eyes were envied by others, because in their eyes, the most beautiful star in the sky did not sparkle, they could not cast its rays on the furniture maker young man.

„I myself would be the master craftsman!”

And one fine day, a customer arrived: four horses were pulling the light coach, ridden by a driver sitting in a box, and the gentleman himself was just looking around from the seat.

„It is said, you make any kind of ornate furniture. But, damn it, kid, you’re too young yet, send me here the master craftsman!”, he sat upon the young master furniture maker, coming up to the rumble of the carriage.

„I myself would be the master craftsman!”

„Well, I would give you such a commission if we agreed to make my daughter’s ornate canopied bed of walnut, but to make it so that it looks after a hundred years, like it has been when it was yet new!”

And he landed to take stock of the offer. Well, if he took stock of the offer, the furniture maker young man also took stock of the owner of the order, who had already enchanted the young man with her gaze, throwing sparkles of stars, with her hair crown, with her beautiful face, as she was standing behind his father. And the furniture maker came round for the father’s shouting,

the continuation see in my website, given in the description.



Written: 21/11. 2017., by J. W. Cassandra

Translated: 13/04. 2021., by J. W. Cassandra


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J. W. Cassandra

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I’m a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I love forests, butterflies, flowers.

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